Treasurer’s Report December 6, 2021

Bank Account Info:

$29,405.87 Current Bank Balance as of December 6, 2021

(Beginning bank account balance for the school year $8,722.10)

Fundraising Info:

  • Snap Raise Fall Fundraiser

  • $14,554.80 raised, all money received as of 11/9/21

  • Clue Silent Auction $1,693.36

  • $1,816.38 raised, minus $123.02 costs

BOOSTER Board Business:

  • FTC costs, senior jackets and District Competition registration/polos running through boosters budget. Show Season Shirts not budgeted but T-Shirt sponsor covers cost so all sales are profit (included in Clue T-Shirt/Merchandise sales above).

*P&L on reverse

Income Statement Profit & Loss East Lake High School Drama Booster Club, INC For the year ended June 30, 2022 Accrual Basis Account2022 Income Car Wash Collection1,591.70 Concession Sales1,105.40 Donation/Sponsorships2,871.46 Fund Raiser Collection17,746.93 Merchandise Sales1,176.37 One Act Ticket Sales2,977.02 Uncategorized Income256.00Student FundraiserTotal Income27,724.88 Gross Profit27,724.88 Operating Expenses Advertising & Publicity2,727.38 playbills/t-shirtsConcessions Expense1,051.46one acts/clue/frozenCostumes & Props291.68clue Dues & Subscriptions1,257.15sunbiz, xero, jotform, jotform, wixFund Raiser Expense30.91car wash Insurance465.76boosters ins. & pccpta conferenceMeals For the Students753.47clue & districtsMiscellaneous139.64classroom project, chair leg repairOther Expense (business cards)151.29 Reimbursable Expense5,906.41FTC, Districts, Senior JacketsSet Materials179.41Clue Silent Auction Expenses123.02Clue Total Operating Expenses13,077.58 Operating Income14,647.30 Other Income / (Expense) Other Income4,225.41FTC, Districts, Senior JacketsProduction Fees2,398.26Clue Total Other Income / (Expense)6,623.67 Net Income21,270.97