October 2021 Boosters Meeting Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes October 4, 2021 7 p.m.

ELHS Guitar Room

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting: Kim Florio, Nancy Lofredo, Amanda Long, Dani Rossi, Marie Palmer, Rachel Guergawi, Tara Allen, Kelsi Black, Kristin Gallagher, Jack Gallagher

Committee Reports

President Nancy Lofredo

  • Previous minutes discussed, no corrections needed, approved

  • BUDGET REPORT- updates for SNAPRAISE indicate 6,900 DEPOSITED (AS OF NOW 13K REPORTED), Nancy to research the percentage of deposit related to the total donated and emails entered


  • Discussion of T SHIRTS FROM GRAPHICS DESIGN – FOR CLUE AND MULTI- SHOW SHIRT WITH T-shirt sponsor and give to ALL SPONSORS who receive t-shirts with sponsorship level; Amanda makes motion to approve printing the MULTI - show shirt, motion was seconded and approved to create for $6-8 and sell for $15 - Bryan Stotts will check with a different vendor for competitive pricing and get back to Nancy.

  • Program for Clue - Nancy is looking for anyone who is able to use the software to edit and create the final PROGRAM in order to send off to Printing.

  • Coffee House and Clue -. Digital Advertisement, jot form needs to be created.head count to Tara and Sara on 10/18

  • Sponsorships - Thank you Cally and Melissa for helping to connect with contacts. WIll need to collect information from sponsors to create Banners/ digital ads

  • FTC - November 11-13. Need student registration and chaperones. Registration is due by 10/15, a block of hotel rooms has been reserved. We need to provide a room list by 10/27. FTC Fee is $40 and auditioning is $25, + hotel split by 4 and requesting boosters to pay for chaperones, and contribute toward the student amount. THere are approx 25 jr/sr and underclassman interested, priority for upperclassman. Discussion was had and a motion was made by Amanda for Boosters to defray $2k max to include covering the chaperones hotels/registr. spread to assist student fees. Approved by all. Nancy will look further into final cost to student.

  • Nancy is in need of a parent to step to take on small tasks (contacting sponsors, collecting info for ads.)

Vice President OPEN

Treasurer Shannon Petrignani (NOT PResent)

  • Publix (9/26) $1375.75 ($300 expected! Great job!)

  • Sponsorships $290.70

  • Production Fees collected $945.27

  • Prop expense $9.99

  • OSO insurance packet mailed 9/21/21

  • Sunbiz renewal had to be paid twice ($61.25 x 2) for amendment filing to change officers (necessary for OSO application).

  • Zoom renewal paid


Secretary Amanda Long-

  • SENIOR JACKETS- Amanda finds a Vendor requires a $30 embroidery file fee. Presented the jacket details, boosters approve paying for the embroidery fee of $30 and purchasing of one jacket for a student who cannot afford.

  • Share thank yous to T-shirt sponsor and to Bonfiglio for paint donations- question of whether it should be included as a budget donation item and reflected for next year. Rutherford family donated items to Ms. Florio;

  • Email Mr. Stotts with Jacket quote/vendor to get a comparison prior to ordering from current vendor: VEETRENDS

Concessions Sara Claudio/Tara Allen

  • Shopping for both Coffee House (one Acts) and Clue will happen on 10./19. We will need student help to unload the cars on 10/20 after school

  • Can we meet at next tech day to discuss lobby layout and logistics

  • Nancy has wristbands

  • Need sign up genius for volunteers for both coffee house and Clue-Concession- discussion for assisting for food prep – help is needed during the first ACT to prep plates for intermission. 2 parents needed for checking in LIST and handing wrist bands-

CLUE SIGN UP GENIUS will go out around 10/18 (Tara to state what is needed to Amanda by then)

  • Question if Jotform link can be posted on the ELHS website to solicit attendance for CLUE (an email to Mary Heldt and Ms. Haley )because other sports do this for ticket sales.

  • Student help: Mike Lofredo will be house crew mgr- Gavin is in charge of Frozen;

Fundraising OPEN-

  • PUblix schedule a date in the spring at SAME OR Different location- discuss next meeting

  • Menchies, Chipoltle? Tijuana Flats Oldsmar? - NO discussion held for these at this meeting.

  • Addison's father, Mark Howe, has offered the Drama Club a free booth at the 2nd Friday event in Oldsmar if they would like one. Could be used to fundraise, connectwith the community and/or share the amazing shows coming up. You can reach Mark @ mhowe@utbchamber.com for more information. Students would perform. Table discussion for next meeting- follow up by someone???

Carwash - Kelsi Black

  • Next car wash will not be on 10/23, since that is a Saturday and the bank is open.

  • Kelsi has made contact with the bank and is pending confirmation for Sunday, 10/24. Will target confirmation this week so SignUp can be sent.

  • Waiting on confirmation of October date (Amanda to create Sign UP) Kelsi Proposed Sunday December 12 but calendar is quite full this time of year. She will look into February instead.

Sponsorships CallyWingfield and Melissa Mahoney

  • Reached out to previous donors

  • need to reach out to business to get artwork for the program.

  • Should have a printed playbill in addition to a QR code if we have sponsorships - Amanda will create the Lobby ADDS on tvs

  • Flyers

Costumes- Kristin Gallagher -

  • Costumes- Clue is about 80% costumed, things are being purchased online, sewing sessions are being had with kids. Sewing machines are needed so Kristin doesn’t have to lug hers; students are trying to create things so as not to purchase. Excellent progress and students are very interested in learning to sew.

  • Measurements have been taken for FROZEN- trying to stay within budget by making what they can but using budget most for Frozen.

Props - Natasha Gallaty - (NOT PRESENT) emailed information: Met with Niki, the prop manager, Saturday morning and went over the props needed for Clue. We’ll be working together over the next few weeks to acquire it all. Budget for show- $400

Tech/Set Bryan Stotts -

  • Tech day report - Got a lot done, tech day scheduled for 10/9 9-2, lots to finish

Publicity Open -

  • need to figure out how to rent marquee sign for Clue - NO ONE ASSIGNED TO THIS YET. Mr. Brady may have the contact for where to rent the sign. DIscussion to be placed in front of Racetrack gas station, franchise is new and need to connect with them to ensure permission to place the sign in front on ELake rd. (look into possibly renting 2? For in front of 7-11)

Silent Auction - Tara Allen

  • Other auction items- iPad

Ms. Florio-

  • FTC HOTEL- for Juniors and Seniors - the venue is Winter Park, We have a block of rooms reserved at the Marriott Courtyard

  • 10/8 Friday CLUE rehearsal 10-2 (no student day at school)

  • INK for PRinter - not discussed, could be a booster or parent donation .

Student Officers-

  • Movie night in October - is approved

  • Presented the movie night details, approved by school, parking lot, students doing all serving, requesting 3 adults; Discussion of time to change with arrival 6:30, start at 7:30.

  • Movie screen and FM transmitter which will connect to cars is being supplied by student families. . We will also get a blue tooth microphone to remind people to get snacks.

  • The officers will be delivering snacks and such to each car. January will be making special drinks like what we were going to do for game night. And we were planning on using the snacks from game night as well.

New Business

  • Districts - many auditions competing for few spots. 10/8 -10/22 paperwork registration due, $ not due until later, – Bella will take care of registration, SIGN UP needed for chaperones.

Other Business

  • Prom conflict with last night of 9 to 5-Date of 9 to 5 still in discussion with Principal Haley- boosters offer a Sunday matinee. Ms. Haley response is that “The Date can be changed”

  • CLUE and 9 to 5 put up for adjudication for the STRAZ Broadway Stars of the Future

  • Yearbook ad - do we want to take out an ad congratulating the drama department seniors? Cost - full page $350, half page $200, ¼ page $175, ⅛ page $75 - table decisions for this unill next meeting.

  • End of Year Banquet - Should we have it at off site or in the theater again. If off site it would be great to get a committee formed to start planning

2021-22 Future Events

  • 10/4 October Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 10/8 drive in movie night- GREASE; CLUE rehearsal in school 10-2

  • 10/9 Tech Day 9-2

  • 10/16 Menchies Fundraiser TBD

  • 10/21 ONE ACTS - Coffee House fundraiser

  • 10/24 carwash (not yet confirmed)

  • 10/25, 26, 27 Tech week for CLUE-

  • 10/29, 30, 31 HEP Haunt Volunteer Bright Futures opportunities; https://www.facebook.com/HauntForHEP/

  • 11/1 November Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 11/4, 5, 6 - CLUE

  • 11/11, 12, 13 FTC

  • 11/16, 17, 18, 12/2, 3 Districts

  • 12/6 December Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 12/10 possible PRISM CONCERT

  • 1/3 week of- possible upperclassmen show-

  • 1/10 January Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 1/27, 28, 29 JR show - Frozen jr.

  • 2/7 February Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 3/4 Caberet

  • 3/7 March Boosters Meeting Guitar room

  • 4/4 April Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • Tech/Rehearsals

  • 4/28, 29, 30 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the musical

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 5/13 Senior showcase

  • 5/16-20 Thespian Week

  • 5/21 Banquet TBA


  • Confirm student event nights (game/movie night) and create sign ups for volunteer and donations. Find out who donated the screen for movie night - sound system was a former theater dad. (Amanda)

  • Confirm all Drama club dates and create sign up for food donations. (Nancy and Amanda)

  • Jotform created for TIX for coffee house events (students with Amanda)

  • Send out by 10/14 Signup Genius for Coffee House/One Acts need volunteers for concessions, check-in table and t-shirt sales (Amanda)

  • Need file for T-shirt design for Clue; order t-shirts by 10/8 hand out shirts to students 10/29 (Nancy and January)

  • Sign up Genius for Clue volunteers for tech week snacks and show night volunteers ( Amanda)

  • Donations for Auction baskets (Tara speak to students; arrange for collection BY 10/27; plan for arranging the baskets)

  • Publicity marquis sign - someone to figure out how to arrange for this

  • Senior jackets- AManda Is arranging for Jotform collection of fees and will order

  • Have students register for FTC and send in registration by 10/15; room assignments to hotel by 10/27