November 1, 2021 BOOster Mtg Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting MINUTES- November 1, 2021 7 p.m.

ELHS Guitar Room

Roll Call and Sign in: Kim Florio, Nancy Lofredo, Amanda Long, Shannon Petrignani, Natasha Gallaty, Tara Allen, Sara Claudio, Randi Horton, Kristin Gallagher, Krista Jensen, Marie Tomlinson, Kelsi Black, Dani Rossi, Marie Palmer, Bryan Stotts, Bella Stotts,

In attendance: Brad Brady

Committee Reports

President Nancy Lofredo

  • Clue - ready, set, go; tickets GO and attendees show their ‘receipt’ on phone; Thespians honored; PCS teachers will sign for free tix; Kim will share name of adjudicators. Programs need to be condensed and will be submitted for printing along with the 11x14 poster for students. Mr. Brady will share his vendor. free t-shirts for school employees who clean the theater; 5:30 call time for volunteers at concessions; theater opens at 6:30 and sponsors allowed in prior to this; silent auction is set to go. 68% of students paid production fees. Redo sign up for CLUE volunteers- to encourage assistance show nights-

  • Updates for FTC- schedule hotel accommodations and chaperones set. Money collections need to occur now- $45 for one night/$90 for two nights.

  • Updates for Districts- Schedule has not come out yet for which day ONe Acts performs but students are encouraged to go both days to support other schools. An Updated Registration Jotform was sent out by Nancy; Discussion was held on the process for collecting registration fees and Polo t-shirt production/cost via jot form it should be the exact amount charged by districts and the polo should be the vendor cost since polos are mandatory. The registration collected by boosters should be paid out to the district with no monies left to boosters. The Boosters will look to budget for students who need assistance now and in the future. In the meantime a donation button was added to the jot form Mr. Brady attended to discuss Clarification regarding previous Jotform created to cover additional costs built into the fees. Discussion was held for possibly itemizing the registration jotform with addition of food cost as well for next time. Suggestion was made to have seniors donate their Polo shirts back at the end of year if they like.

  • Show season shirts - $15.00 sold during Clue;

Vice President OPEN

Treasurer Shannon Petrignani

  • Treasurers report - see report; fall fundraisers have raised more than expected which gives surplus at this time; adding line item for SHOW SEASON T-SHIRTS costs; possibly next year adding line to the budget for the additional food in areas necessary (tech days, Districts meal) and discuss a miscellaneous fund line for such things as assisting students with registration fees etc.

Secretary Amanda Long-

  • SENIOR JACKETS- update- vendor shares final print example, hoping to get them by 12/1

  • Digital Shout outs for CLUE DUE by WEDNESDAY 5PM- email reminder - please fill out the JOTFORM found HERE:

Email reminder for Clue volunteer, and carwash, strike day

  • HEP event - thank you student volunteers for supporting the event and helping to raise over 6k for HEP!

  • Share thank yous to T-shirt sponsor and others donors

Concessions Sara Claudio/Tara Allen

  • CLUE needs: All set. VOlunteers needed for all 3 shows.

  • Food for Districts - 60+ kids Tara requests to increase budget from $200 to $400 to cover chaperones etc. Shannon seconds and Boosters vote to increase budget line item for this year. .

  • Food budgets for Frozen and 9 t0 5. A question was asked regarding Concessions involvement on Saturday tech days to assist with volunteers (adults/students) - Future tech dates donations are appreciated and requested, although discussion was had to raise the concessions budget for Frozen( and 9 to5) tech day to accommodate for one meal.

  • Tara is working with Nancy on design and materials for Olaf headbands to sell.

Fundraising OPEN-

  • SnapRaise report: see budget report-

Carwash - Kelsi Black


  • Lobby ADDS on tvs (Amanda is keeping track of Jotform- need all ads from sponsors- Nancy to email these)

Costumes- Kristin Gallagher

  • Costumes are set for CLUE; Sewing class/club Tues/Thurs 2-4pm at the school and trying to secure the room (TBD)

Props - Natasha Gallaty -

  • List continues to grow but most needs are met- Natasha will email Ms. Flo to send out request to find items from other schools in the future.

Tech/Set Bryan Stotts -

  • Strike day for CLUE November 8; set MUST be taken apart and Ms. Flo would like assistance EARLY from 2:00PM until finished-

Publicity Open - Price for marquee sign for Clue - The price has increased significantly from years past- We will not have time for CLUE, however for FROZEN discussed getting it and finding location for it (typically in front of the Rally station) and will need to connect with community partner in that area. It has really served well for marketing in the past.

Silent Auction - Tara Allen/ Randi Horton

  • Three AWESOME baskets and many singular big ticket items! Thanks ladies for your hard work

Ms. Florio- Giving the best opportunity to meet students where they are. Reminder of how big our budget is and much money comes in and out!

Student Officers-

  • Student sign up for carwash will go out tonight.

  • Request for food donations each club meeting.

  • Bella would like to hype Frozen by trying to sell the headbands early during PRISM concert- work with Tara on production (over fall Break)

  • 12/11 student event - Christmas Movie Night with snacks/and PJ’s- time/movie TBD with Ms. Flo

New Business

  • Change the 9 to 5 dates on the calendar so it will not conflict with PROM- Broadway Stars will be invited during original show prep (dress rehearsal)

Other Business

  • Yearbook ad - do we want to take out an ad congratulating the drama department seniors? Cost - full page $350, half page $200, ¼ page $175, ⅛ page $75

  • End of Year Banquet - Should we have it at off site or in the theater again. If off site it would be great to get a committee formed to start planning 5/21/22 is the date however GRADUATION is on the ELHS calendar at this date- Amanda will look into Crescent Oaks, Eastlake, cypress run, - fees collected should = 1000 (per budget) and negotiate venue (Budget 2K).

2021-22 Future Events

  • 11/1 11/3 Tech week for CLUE-

  • 11/1 November Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 11/4, 5, 6 - CLUE

  • Carwash 11/7

  • 11/11, 12, 13 FTC

12/2, 3, 4 Districts

  • 12/6 December Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 12/10 possible PRISM CONCERT

  • 1/3 week of- possible upper classman show-

  • 1/10 January Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 1/27, 28, 29 JR show - Frozen jr.

  • 2/7 February Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 3/4 Caberet

  • 3/7 March Boosters Meeting Guitar room

  • 4/4 April Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • Tech/Rehearsals

  • 5/5-5/7 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the musical

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 5/13 Senior showcase

  • 5/16-20 Thespian Week