May 3, 2021 ELHS Drama Boosters Meeting Minutes- 7 p.m. via Zoom

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- May 3, 2021 7 p.m. via Zoom

Topic: May Booster Meeting

Time: May 3, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting Kim Florio, Brad Brady, Karen & Mark Ondash, Amanda Long, Nancy Lofredo, Christine and Hannah Scheifele,

Not present: Traci Tottle, Shannon Petrignani

President - Brad Brady - wrap up Drowsy- ADMIN allowed 300 ticket sales. We were almost sold out for last 2 nights. Final numbers available …..

Spent about $500-700 for set, additional spent at Lowes for next year.

Ms. Florio- Appreciates everyone’s help- students have taken home laundry, things returned as well. Looking ahead to the Banquet.

VP - Open position -

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Sent out Boosters position description to families - then plan to announce the Boosters info at the banquet, then have a vote at the banquet. plan for a June meeting, perhaps at a restaurant for people to mingle.

  • Updated Drive files to prepare for more opportunities next fall(fundraisers, sponsors early in the year). **** Move jotform files to DRIVE

  • Senior hoodies? About 9 seniors interested in-possible senior gift to add embroidery - can do this for $20 and with embroidery cost a little more- need to be ordered soon- end of this week fill out Jot FORM (BRADY to create) and Nancy will find out what embroidery costs. Hannah will solicit interest from the 9 seniors-

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

  • Drowsy report (donations $193; additional $290 in donations with paid production fees) Amanda to upload the Jot Forms to the DRIVE

  • tshirt/concessions sales $650/$400

  • Green market fundraiser? Traci to report

  • Additional sponsors list? To send thank you - none

  • Shannon Petrignani is hoping to step into this position OR Silent Auctions for next year!

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani - she is interested in treasure

  • Drowsy T-shirts additional orders - 11 additional orders ( Nancy will order 20 so as to have additional for next year. And one more for Jake Tomlin size M. )

  • Sold about $400 in concessions

  • Tshirts $650 (esp. Past shirts)

  • Nancy will reach out to Sabrina Butts and Natasha Gallatty

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle Fundraising update: NOt PRESENT

  • 5th3rd BANK Carwash - Amanda contacted 431 0422- Dion Kokalidis to secure dates for the FALL- can we look ahead for this? - Possibly August 29th 2021. ...Get waiver info from Dion and have the paperwork and info all set for the paperwork blast to the students at beginning of year-

  • Amanda Updated the DRIVE 2021-22 SPONSOR EXCEL form to begin making contacts for next fall-

  • Memberships -

Publicity - Open

Costumes - Christine Scheifele, Kristen Gallagher to possibly take the reigns

  • Drowsy update- Parents interested in helping are: Kosloski (next year?) Mary Mulligan had a neighbor possibly interested.

  • Approx $800 spent; sorting and laundry, and costumes borrowed will be returned, additionally those things from Patel are still needing to be returned(back from Shrek 2020) and plan to return ASAP.

Sets - possibly Stotts family (Bryan)

Props - return skates to Astro; any others? Other Thank you’s needed?

Old Business

New Business

  • Senior banquet- possibly an awards ceremony in the theater ? No dinner venue. 250 allowed parents and students in the theater; Costs associated with the banquet- AManda Makes a motion to charge $10.00 per person for Banquet-Nancy seconds, vote passed. A Jotform will be created for this Banquet sign up-

Dress code: formal attire :)

Boosters can decorate, offer the scholarship and work with the student VP to organize this- Hannah (Camden) will be in charge of communicating with the BOosters, Kim gets awards, trophies etc. and Boosters will hold Vote for next year BOARD.

It will be on 5/21 friday - glitzy/glamorous podium and awards, big screen, a video with photos of senior/baby (Sequoia working on - possibly freshman + senior photo); biggest things: highlight seniors, videos, announce drama student board, student thespians announced; Hannah suggests making an induction week scrapbook?

  • BOOK gift (Oh the places…..)

  • Ideas offered: - Having a senior show where they each choose how to showcase themselves but prob too late for that; maybe on (Friday night - May 28th - Hannah will see how many Seniors are interested at Thespian meeting- ( Ms. Florio will request activity ) Open to all families to watch

-A photo shoot in or in front of the theater;

-At the banquet we have done the junior to senior dedications- takes a lot of time- maybe do this at a Thespian meeting

  • IN the past Boosters have given out scholarships. Last year they gave each senior something as long as they completed the essay.

Last year Boosters gave $250 per student (everyone who filled out the essay got the scholarship);

This year Boosters decide to give two $1000 scholarships- a motion made by Amanda, and seconded by Karen, and board agreed to present 2 scholarships at ceremony.

Other Business

  • Thespian induction: Hannah suggests Candle ceremony to be held at end of thespian induction instead of at banquet.

  • Discussion was had for Boosters website to merge with the Drama Website for ease of monitoring and not paying for two and not to duplicate efforts. It will be necessary to create a ‘Boosters’ Link on the Drama website, a ‘cart’ feature for the boosters products (production fees, t-shirts etc).

A motion was made by Amanda to merge the websites, seconded by Karen and passed by Board. It will be worked on over the summer (Amanda?) to merge the two.

  • Boosters nominations will be held at the banquet- (Amanda to email request from new people who have shown interest) Open positions include

Kristen Gallagher- Costumes

Shannon Petrignani- Treasurer and assist with silent auctions

Laurel Perry - sponsors and/or publicity??

Sabrina Butts - publicity?

Natasha Gallatty

Stotts family - set?

2020-2021 Future Events

  • 5/17-21 Thespian Induction week

  • 5/21 TBA date for End of year Senior Banquet (ceremony)

  • 5/28 Senior Showcase

Meeting adjourned to a follow up meeting on Wednesday 12th 7:00PM zoom link to be shared by B. Brady.