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May 2, 2022

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes May 2, 2022 7 p.m.


Roll call/sign in: Nancy Lofredo, Randi Horton, Amanda Long, Dani Rossi, Rachel Guergawi, Melissa Mahoney, Tara Allen, Sara Claudio, Marie Palmer, Cally Wingfield, Bryan Stotts, Present: Kimberly Florio, Shannon Petrignani, Mark Bonfiglio, Kristin Gallagher

President Nancy Lofredo

  • April Minutes approved as reported.

  • 9 to 5 update - Nancy will not be here for the shows until Saturday night. She will have folder with forms for money count etc, T-shirts have been discounted except 9 to 5 shirt and reflect in the square; Kristin requests assistance for Saturday night candy grams (to collect money and then disperse after the show to the students before they leave!)

  • Banquet update on tix sold, program agenda will be created by Ms. Florio, - sold 163 and have a guarantee of 200 ( there are still seniors that need to purchase - Amanda will send out a reminder with the latest email requesting ALL invited) ; suggestion is to sell tickets earlier in the yea

r and not limit due to many events requiring funding.

  • scholarships status - 10 have applied , make sure to give access to the readers.

  • Bylaws -revised bylaws shared with members 5/1/22 and will be vote on at the banquet.

  • Officer elections - to be elected at banquet. Open positions include VP, VP fundraising, VP program and sponsorships- Nancy will add Laura Rosa and Suzanne Linton to this role per their request.

  • June 6th 7pm gathering for Board/committee members at the Lofredo’s, bring a dish to share. Adults only.

  • End of Booster accounting year is June 30th. Nancy and Shannon to prepare financials that need to be submitted in September. We will need an independent reviewer.

Vice President OPEN

Treasurer Shannon Petrignani

  • Treasurer’s report - uploaded to drive, Amanda will post to Booster website.

  • Year end is June 30th and for insurance the process must be completed this summer. Independent review is necessary. Marie has volunteered for this.

Secretary Amanda Long-

  • Shout outs - -send out a final request.

  • Create a shout out list of vendors who have donated for silent auction

  • Shout out to SPC and COuntryside HS for loaning Mics.

  • Assist with t-shirts th/fr/s and candy grams on S. night.

Concessions Sara Claudio/Tara Allen

  • Tara will need help from House crew on Thursday and request student to assist at 5pm to set up.

  • Tara shared sponsor logos for Saturday matinee cast/crew dinner to display on Lobby tvs.

  • Table needed for Candy grams.

Fundraising - OPEN discussion:

  • Cally Wingfield suggests a system of ‘birthday grams’ student organized singing events for hire! This can be considered for next year.

  • Discussion of costume sale (fall?)

Carwash - Kelsi Black - not present

Program Sponsorships - Laura Rosa and Suzanne Linton

Costumes- Kristin Gallagher

  • Over 218 costumes! Kristin was way over budget (approx. $1200) however she was under budget for other shows so total budget should not be too much over.

  • Sewing club assisted with much of costume sewing! Great teamwork!

  • Next year, Kristin would like to establish collaboration with makeup/hair Chair under costume so to align wigs/makeup style with costumes; if student is in the show, it is difficult to also be tech. An adult chair is needed to be added for makeup/hair especially to manage the storage and saving of very expensive wigs! Suggestions and discussion to create storage areas and a system for these.

Invite the makeup lady to do a makeup session next fall ( business card provided by makeup artist at Oldsmar days requests to hold training -Sydney Harber:

Props - Natasha Gallaty -

  • Returning items after show- typewriters can be posted on FB market.

  • SPC mics can be returned by Tara ; Cally can return the Countryside mics.

  • All other items can be picked up by those who have donated.

Tech/Set Bryan Stotts - Strike the set beginning May 9th. Must be cleared for upcoming ELHS events.

Publicity Daniel Rossi-

  • Will email Ms. Haley to publicize show on school website

  • Peach Jars are sent to 3 HS; 3 MS,

  • Dani is working to get head shots for the program. She is working to find the old ones from Frozen and Clue. She will continue with using Staples since they give a good discount instead of other vendor.

  • Arista is putting things on SOcial Media.

  • Posters are not ordered (where is design?).

Silent Auction - Tara Allen and Randi Horton

  • -include thank you blurb regarding donations for the silent auction items on Lobb y Tvs. Randi will share a final list with Amanda of donors to display on tvs; TIRES PLUS has donated the space for the road sign (add their name to shout outs) plus Nancy’s for Straz tix.

  • Tara and Randi will work together to gather the supplies to create baskets, need tables for the lobby.

Ms. Florio-

  • Ms. Florio has ordered things on her end. - Nancy will assure the AV equipment is set. Program will be created by Ms Florio

  • Adult clean up crew for 9 to 5, - May 9th is strike set day- (ask Mr. Wilkey and Mr. Stotts.

  • also end of the year clean up and sort! Team of adults needed to organize lobby, back hall and costume room.

  • Positives are really helpful at this time!

  • Broadway Stars updates :)

  • Saturday Matinee dinner- set up at 4:15, eat 4:45- be sure to serve for 100-110 kids.

Student Officers- Bella Stots - not present

  • Banquet decorating - collaborating with Kristin

  • Senior showcase scheduled - NO

Events on the calendar-

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room 7pm

  • 5/5-5/7 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the Musical

  • 5/9 - 5/13 Thespian Week

  • 5/15 Banquet East Lake Country Club 2 PM


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