May 12, 2021 ELHS Drama Boosters Meeting MINUTES 7 p.m. via Zoom

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting MINUTES May 12, 2021 7 p.m. via Zoom

East Lake Drama is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: Banquet Meeting

Time: May 12, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Brad Brady by phone, Amanda Long, Nancy Lofredo, Kristen Gallagher, Natasha Gallaty, Christine and Hannah Scheifele, Traci Tottle

President - Brad Brady - time of banquet @ 630, all people tix, dress code upscale casual, sunday best ,boosters to let Kim know how much time needed during ceremony

Ms. Florio-

VP - Open position -

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Share Boosters info at the banquet, then have a vote at the banquet. plan for a June meeting, perhaps at a restaurant for people to mingle. - CLEAR SKY/VARSITY Monday 6:30 June 7.

  • Updated Drive files to prepare for more opportunities next fall(fundraisers, sponsors early in the year). **** Move jotform files to DRIVE after JUNE

  • Update minutes in booster website-merge websites

  • Carwash is scheduled for August 29th. 2021 - waivers to be shared with students first of year.

  • Change jotform to 4 people for banquet send email reminder and update FB; buy ceremony gifts (for Ms. Florio, Brad, senior boosters) (LSU, SHOP DILLARDS, restaurant gift card Snickers, Peanut M&M’s) possibly a multiple restaurant card- Kim flowers and basket of goodies (SPa treatment at Hand and Stone)

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

  • Shannon Petrignani is hoping to step into this position OR Silent Auctions for next year! Could she assist with transition this summer?!

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani -

  • Drowsy T-shirts additional orders - Nancy picking up Thursday

  • Senior hoodies- About 9 seniors ordered $20.00 each - BOOSTERS will pay for SCREEN FEE and add $3.00 name embroidery - Nancy will Have by the 21st

  • Nancy to consider VP next year if Concessions can be filled-

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle Fundraising

  • Amanda Updated the DRIVE 2021-22 SPONSOR EXCEL form to begin making contacts for next fall- Traci Stepping down but would like to volunteer

  • Memberships - Discuss in the fall( august meeting)

Publicity - Open

Costumes - Christine Scheifele, Kristen Gallagher to possibly take the reigns

  • Drowsy update- Parents interested in helping are: Kosloski (next year?)

Sets - possibly Stotts family (Bryan)

Props - Natasha Gallaty interested

Old Business

New Business

  • Senior banquet-. 250 allowed parents and students in the theater; A Jotform created for this Banquet sign up- so far 5/12 there are 12 families - open jotform to MORE by 5/17

Dress code: formal attire :)

Boosters can assist with decorate- Hannah says Ms. FLo wants JRS and SOph. to help plan …...set up that night- new time for 6:30; A student is interested in making program LIke the QR for playbill.

HIGHLIGHT at ceremony: seniors, videos, announce drama student board, student thespians announced; Hannah suggests making an induction week scrapbook? Junior dedications will occur earlier in day .

  • Kim plans for awards, trophies etc.

  • scholarship - 2 so far application turned in :) (send out JOTFORM reminder again)

  • Boosters nominations will be held at the banquet and Vote for next year BOARD - (Brad describe positions ?? Amanda to send out final email prior to ceremony with descriptions- PRINT OFF THIS LIST FOR CEREMONY; Hand out VOLUNTEER Forms at the door (copy the booster position/people on back), Make a BOOSTERS TABLE with a form for each Booster position listing volunteer sign ups and their contacts/etc for next year!)

(Amanda emailed request from new people who have shown interest) Open and filled positions include:

VP- OPEN (possibly Nancy)

Amanda Long - Secretary

Nancy Lofredo- (concessions OPEN if Nancy moves to VP)

Kristen Gallagher- Costumes

Shannon Petrignani- Treasurer and assist with silent auctions??

Laurel Perry - sponsors and/or publicity??

Sabrina Butts - publicity/silent auctions??

Natasha Gallatty - props/crafting

Stotts family - set??

Fundraising - OPEN- (Traci Tottle would like to volunteer only)

  • BOOK gift (Oh the places…..)is this ordered

  • Senior Showcase - Amanda INvite parents?? (Friday night - May 28th - Hannah will see how many Seniors are interested at Thespian meeting- ( Ms. Florio will request activity Open to all families to watch

Other Business

  • Thespian induction: Hannah suggests Candle ceremony to be held at end of thespian induction instead of at banquet. -

2020-2021 Future Events

  • 5/17-21 Thespian Induction week

  • 5/21 End of year Senior Banquet (ceremony) in the Theater

  • 5/28 Senior Showcase TBD

Meeting adjourned to Monday June _7 - location TBA 6:30 (announce at ceremony)