March 7, 2022 Booster Meeting Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes March 7, 2022 7 p.m.


ROLL CALL AND SIGN IN: Shannon Petirgnani, Bryan Stotts, Bella Stotts, Nancy Lofredo, Dani rossi, Kristin Gallagher, Amanda Long, Natasha Gallaty, Kim Florio

Committee Reports

President Nancy Lofredo

  • NEXT YEAR BOARD POSITIONS - Shadows needed!

  • Freshman NIGHT at ELHS:

  • Microphones - Ms. Florio is working with Dreamworks company to assess our inventory of microphones and needs.

  • 9 to 5 - WE NEED the TSHIRT plan

  • silent auction update - Randi and Tara will head this

  • 6:30 tonight Banquet committee meeting- EVENT LOCATION: May 15 2PM atEAST Lake Country Club - 200-250 people. AV equipment provided,

Decorating by noon (student volunteers) and Kristen G. volunteers to make Centerpieces

$30 Banquet fee suggested.

Invitations for Seniors, inductees (45 signed up at the 3/7 meeting- Thespian induction ceremony can be done in the theater), Thespian leaders, Board members

  • MacDill airshow fundraising opportunity March 26th and 27th - SCRAP this

  • Oldsmar second Friday - April 8th - SEt up a booth at this , Would NEED TSHIRT!!!! Decided NOT to do the Oldsmar parade due to carwash next day and students not interested.

  • MARCH 26th date will be a tech day for both adults and for the tech students.

  • On Top of the World advertising for shows - someone needed to collaborate with them about getting flyers out (digital in their newsletter); Natasha to ask about Aston Gardens, Highland Lakes and local communities with newsletters.

  • Straz will advertise in the playbill

Vice President OPEN

  • HANDLES Production fees, T-SHIRT ORDERING - 9 to 5

Treasurer Shannon Petrignani

  • See treasurer's report for March Students made $-800ish

  • 27K ; carwash $971

  • $3245.50 deposit on the banquet.

  • 787 on square for Godspell

  • Godspell concessions made $787ish; suggestion was made that this money could go towards the scholarships. Discussion was had that students will write the essay and all those submitting will get a share – Denominations determined later by the NON senior parents involved in reading the essays.

Secretary Amanda Long-

  • Email out information about upcoming carwash 3/27 and sign up genius.

  • Assist with Freshman night March 8-

  • Follow up with Marquees vendor to rsv. 9 to 5

  • Order 9 to 5 pins

  • Begin assisting Kelsi Black to take over Secretary duties

  • Look into Publix Marketing day- ( meet with Jerry) April 10

  • Follow up with finding the contacts for the community partners (retirements etc) for 9 to 5 marketing.

Concessions Sara Claudio/Tara Allen

Fundraising -

  • from last month: We would like to explore reaching out to local senior citizen centers to advertise and explore contacts who can arrange group tickets and transportation to the 9 to 5 show nights.

Carwash - Kelsi Black

  • Next car wash will be March 27 (Sign up will be emailed to parents prior to spring break) volunteers needed. Bella will create the student sign up.

Program Sponsorships - Open

Costumes- Kristin Gallagher

  • From last month: We would like to create a Post show sign up for costume cleaning/return and laundering. Parents are needed to assist with this in future shows. This should occur with each show.

  • Kristen G. organized the donations of fabrics/notions and storage in the lobby is needed- building a cabinet in the front lobby area that can be locked for the machines and materials.

  • Kristen G. is proposing purchase of sewing machines for club/drama and Ms. Florio can purchase depending on the vendor- TOP SEW quotes 2 machines for $500

  • Sewing club to make an ELHS banner for future parades AND events

Props - Natasha Gallaty -

  • A sign up is requested for an adult who is familiar with the productions to support and monitor back stage where students need direction and facilitating hic ups. At least 3 are recommended.

  • Tech week adult monitors needed for 9 to 5. To be planned.

Tech/Set Bryan Stotts - will collaborate with Mr. Wilkey to plan on the lobby shelving using the repurposed wood according to Kristen Gallagher’s design needs for storing sewing club equipment/carts.

Mr. Wilkey to come in on his time daily during 5th period.

building stalls, elevator doors

Publicity Dani Rossi- Discussion was had regarding scheduling Peach Jars for upcoming productions ( advertised to area Middle and High schools. A student publicity team is really beneficial to hand out flyers prior to all productions. We should look into scheduling the road Marquee sign for less days ahead of 9 to 5 and post the link with dates; Arrange with school secretary

Silent Auction - Tara Allen and Randi Horton - plans for 9 to 5 auction

Ms. Florio-

  • Needs for 9 to 5:

  • Ten 8x10 Picture Frames (Black) Natasha

  • Trunk of a Car (Bryan to look into this at a junkyard)

  • Full bed frame (Mr. Wilkey - check second hand stores, last chance)

  • Climbing Harness (to fly Hart) (- Natasha)

  • 1 Water Cooler

  • CASTORS have been purchased - Must be picked up at Sunline Castors in Oldsmar

  • 10 matching rolling chairs (collectively around school? - )

  • Tickets go live for 9 to 5 April 18 – May 7.

  • Remember the “invited dress” on April 28 and 29?. Please help us have an audience. Broadway Star of the Future will be reviewing us then. - A recommendation was made to invite the ELHS staff to this. (Can Dani request secretary to email invite ELHS ALL STAFF?)

Student Officers-

Bella- Too much Light/Improv date???

  • Requesting hours for freshman to clean out the tech area (adult monitored)

  • Discussion of the student board positions to be responsible for their role in leadership and to participate in the Booster meetings, model and fulfill their role responsibilities (clean tech, props, costume et)

New Business

Other Business

2021-22 Future Events

  • 3/7 March Boosters Meeting Guitar room

  • 3/14-18 Spring Break

  • 3/26 tech day 9 to 5

  • 3/27 Carwash 5th 3rd Bank Bootranch

  • 4/1 - Too Much Light /Improv?

  • 4/2 tech day 9 to 5

  • 4/4 April Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 4/8 Oldsmar 2nd Friday (parent booth)

  • 4/10 Publix marketing day - (Ridgemoor)

  • 4/18 -5/7 Tickets go live on for 9 to 5

  • 4/28 & 4/29 Invited Dress for 9 to 5; Broadway Stars (audience needed!)

  • Tech/Rehearsals 9 to 5

  • 5/5-5/7 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the Musical

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 5/9 - 5/13 Thespian Week

  • 5/13 Senior showcase

  • 5/15 Banquet East Lake Country Club 2 PM