January 11, 2021 Booster mtg Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- January 11, 2021 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Kimberly Florio, Nancy Lofredo,Amanda Long, Christine Scheifele,Hannah Scheifele, Kristin Gallagher, Additional parent Zoom participants- NONE

Committee Reports

President Brad - Not in attendance

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorships (assist with fundraising), Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity

Ms. Florio-

January- rehearsals to be held for Shrek Jr. after school

-Planning to film the final product to present the outdoor watch party show, discussed offering three different watch nights due to the amount of participants and size of audience.

-Planning a big tech day on January 30th to Hang the trees, and cleaning out of concessions (Nancy to spearhead this)

February- Shrek Jr. will be filmed for the ‘watch party’ (The ONE Acts in November was such a success!) which is hoped to occur over a period of 3 nights, suggestion is February 18, 19, 20. Discussion of wristband sales, concessions and securing the screen and equipment along with crew to execute set up/take down each night. Venue for this needs to be secured.

March- STATES- price point is $60 for a virtual event and additional $5 per for each event registered- Large group stated that not everyone wants to go- as each student must pay the $60.

April- rehearsals for Drowsy Chaperone; plan for tech days, projection of performance and location to be similar to SHREK unless circumstances change

May- Drowsy Chaperone (possibly onstage) Kim is wondering if this show will be held in same way as Shrek or a possibility of onstage live -

Student Officers -

Hannah Scheifele, President-

  • Hannah asks if students can change up their submissions product for State. Ms. Florio states yes, and the window is now until Feb. 4th (student interest is low, for both large group individual- she is trying to encourage students to participate- share information to parents as well)

  • Hannah states she has all the headbands from last spring to sell at the watch party for Shrek and will inventory to see if anything else is needed.

  • She has a To DO list of all the costumes. For Shrek, Fat suit on Amazon, burlap, brown fabric, and dark colors for pants need to be made, and find boots- (buy fabric), and for pigs

  • Dragons costume - Suggested Dark Red gown and headpiece- Kim offers a red dress to be brought for Hannah to possibly use

  • Hannah will take inventory of which costumes are missing any pieces, check in the theatre costume closet first, then thrift shop for remaining.

  • Senior to Freshman Frenzie (Thespians mentor younger students) - Tentative Friday 1/22, Holding Drama Club (pushed back due to exams) then hop into a meeting right after school with online students too, (Alyssa Kranak at school on Fridays until 4)

Jake Tottle - (not in attendance- emailed info regarding fundraising. Jake would like to look into another Menchies night, and begin the Virtual Talent nights TBA) **** Hannah states that students need points for Thespians, so the talent show and online cabarets are a good way for students to earn these, interest has been low.

Corrine - She has a list of things she needs for costuming/makeup and Kim will share the list to Amanda to purchase on Amazon

VP - Open position - email available is vicepresident.elhs.dramaboosters@gmail.com

Secretary - Amanda Long - need to send out emails every 2 weeks to encourage parent and student interest in program happenings.

Treasurer - Karen Ondash - not in attendance

  • Students who need to make purchases for the ‘sake of the show’ such as costume, set or other needs must get it PRE-APPROVED by either Ms. Florio or Mr. Brady, Boosters President. Receipts for items must be either turned into Ms. Florio for reimbursement or submitted through the Xero expenses App. Please ask if you need to learn about how to do this-

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani-

● Nancy will schedule to clean out concession fridge and take stock in old items during next planned Tech day (1/30/21), plan ahead for Shrek Watch party

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle - not in attendance (emailed updates)

● Fundraising update:

Ornament sales from the holiday fundraiser collected around $150...

Jake would like to organize a menchies fundraiser soon and restart Tottle’s talent show next month - TBA asap.

Publicity - This will need to be filled for Spring to raise funding and awareness for the shows.

1/25 save the date emails sent out for Shrek show

Costumes - Kristin Gallagher - She will work with Hannah to create the Young Fiona Pattern. Kristin will drop the completed adult Fiona dress to Kim at school.

Sets - 1/30 hanging trees and large items to prepare for filming of SHREK

Props - most everything is ready for SHREK.

Old Business

New Business

Memberships - Brad has created a membership package list of ideas, please find this here

https://drive.google.com/file/d/11AyrLTiJh4ffR9SESezvgg9dNG4al8lz/view? usp=sharing

Other Business Discussion:

● Districts t-shirts can we make some kind of social representation for this event? Since we were not able to attend in person yet we have always had a t-shirt.

● Secretary blasts biweekly to boost interest and support

  • Scheduling to get into the concessions cleaning- organization planning can happen during the next ‘build’ day-

  • Need to plan what to sell for Shrek concessions-

2020-2021 Future Events

1/22 - Senior to Freshman Frenzie (Thespians mentor younger students)

1/30 -SET/TECH day for SHREK- hang trees etc

2/4 -

Early February- Filming of SHREK Jr. for watch party

2/18, 2/19, 2/20 - Watch party of SHREK Jr.

3/21 - STATES submissions reviewed and announced

4/21 - Rehearsals and Tech days for Drowsy

5/21 - Drowsy Chaperone (TBD)

Meeting adjourned to:

2/1/2021- February Boosters meeting at 7PM VIA ZOOM