February 1, 2021 Booster Mtg. Minutes; Emergency meeting Feb. 11, 2021

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes-February 1, 2021 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Kim Florio, Karen and Mark Ondash, Christine and Hannah Scheifele, Amanda Long, Traci Tottle, Sabrina Butts, Nancy Lofredo, Shannon Petrignani

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorships (assist with fundraising), Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity

President - Brad Brady - not in attendance

Ms. Florio- SHREK Jr.

  • Discussion for how many days to show SHREK watch party (original thought is 2/18 through 2/20) and finding a location for watch party for SHREK; a truck was suggested with equipment that can ‘show’ the movie on the screens all around it, instead of a portable screen. A truck cannot be driven onto baseball field, a parking lot is suggested for venue spot.

  • Parent: Sabrina Butts offers a contact which is a ‘viewing’ truck - Acme On the GO, contact is George. She has previously partnered with them to do a movie in the park and for YMCA. She can work with Brad to finalize details.

  • Discussion is continued to have the truck located in the BUS parking lot in front of the theater. Boosters agree that this seems to be the best option, Kim to follow up with Ms. Haley, Sabrina will follow up to find out more details with ACME On the GO - she will need confirmation from Brad/Mark for negotiation of price per night - original quote of 4 hrs $400./night, - may be more cost effective to hold watch party for 2 nights instead of 3?

  • It was discussed that selling business advertisements and/or student shout outs to display on the truck is a fundraising option (in lieu of programs) HOW/when to share this info to patrons and what should Boosters charge for FUNDRAISING? What is the process for getting the ADD/Shoutout info to ACME in order to display the ADDS/Shoutouts? WE have 2 weeks!!!!! Sabrina to work with Acme OTG and Maybe a Jotform created (Brad?) and a way for collecting this info/$$ from interested people?

  • Discussion is had about the viewing layout of the truck in the parking lot, to allow for showing on both sides, another idea is individuals sitting in chairs on one side and cars on opposite or just cars on both sides.

  • Suggested PRICE PER PERSON $10 (GO FAN App must be used to purchase tickets- money goes to the school) Kim will work with Ms. Haley on this process. Walk-ups would be considered Donations - suggested Cash Donations $10 at the door (money box at concessions - cash donations can stay with Boosters)

  • Publicity - Marquis advertisement (Karen will contact Jen Lotti regarding last year) and other possibilities are to put out PeachJar flyers into local Elem. and MS ( per Sabrina who can contact PTA’s at Brooker and Carwise - she will need the advertisement flyer with dates/info from Kim) https://www.pcsb.org/Page/19109

  • Fundraising ideas for this showing: Shrek ears, concessions, Adds/Shout outs on the screens (during pre/post show or a scheduled ‘intermission' in the filming!)

Concessions Discussion: prepackaged foods, drinks $1 chips/etc $2 $1 treat bags made up of leftover items from ONe Acts and additional purchased?

  • Cast could wear their costumes and walk around and possibly take pictures in front of the drama banner with attendees. (Nancy will look in the lobby closet for this)

  • REHEARSAL continues all this week after school until 6 except Friday, Continue need for snack/water donations for hungry/thristy kids!

THIS SATURDAY- 9-3 ; LUNCH FOR ALL AGAIN! Shannon will Bring ! thank YOU :)

  • Filming of SHREK on 2/9 and 2/10 in time for editing.

Other business

  • A BIG THANK YOU FOR KRISTIN GHALLAGHER for her assistance with the Fiona costumes!!!!

  • Kim would like to SHOWCASE THE STUDENT Characters in the EDITING of the show credits- FREEZE FRAMES on the truck!

Student officers: Hannah- Senior Jackets interest has stalled,

Kim will look into the JOTFORM to choose the seniors who will want to order the senior jacket - and share this with Amanda who will send email to this list with Jotform stating the information/design and to PAY (ASK BRAD if we can create the money collection JOTFORM - information on it to include price, design)

Hannah to email to Amanda the contact vendor and the design so she can find out timeline for turnaround if we are ordering (ASAP due to Jacket-wearing season !) and will follow up with vendor to order.

VP - Open position -

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Discuss boosters website upkeep/function/advertising (not opportunity to discuss as meeting went long, no Brad, and will table till next meeting)

  • Amanda Work with Hannah and ordering Senior Jackets; follow up with vendor info

  • Amanda to send out info for Talent Show in March- needing auditions!

  • Follow up with sign up genius for volunteers on Watch Party nights (send out by 2/11) for concessions etc.

  • Follow up on how to request ADD/SHout out info/collect $ to families/community with Brad in order to share with ACME OTG

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

  • A new box of checks is coming to the school- Kim to keep an eye out.

  • Karen will also follow up with Jenn Lotti to find out about Marqui sign to advertise Shrek Jr. (dates need to be solid)

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani -

  • We are looking for healthy snack donations for this week's rehearsals. We would like fruit (apples, cutie oranges, bananas) and granola bars or other healthy quick snacks. We could also use a case of small waters. Donations can be brought to the theater lobby Monday and Tuesday at the end of the school day or when picking up after rehearsal.

  • Shannon will bring lunch to the rehearsals on Saturday 2/6 from 9-3 thanks!

  • Discussion was had to open lobby for restrooms, and possibly holding concessions inside or out on the sidewalk-

  • We will also need to put together a sign up genius for volunteers on the show nights - ideas are having the students walking around to sell the headbands. Cast could wear their costumes and walk around and possibly take pictures in front of the drama banner . (Nancy will look in the lobby closet for the banner)

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle Fundraising update:

  • Jake Tottle is Accepting auditions through Valentines Day for Virtual Talent Show! Date: discussion was had to hold this early March (Amanda to email reminder to students to submit their auditions and families to participate! (Wanted to wait until Shrek Jr. was over so that Freshman can participate as well)

  • Discussion was had for selling chocolates, - Hannah and Jake will discuss further and need parent volunteers to assist in follow up.

  • Also ideas are needed for socials, ways to ‘get kids together’ maybe a Menchies night?

Publicity - Open position; discussion for finding how to advertise SHREK Jr, Karen to contact Jenn Lotti regarding the Marqui sign to advertise SHREK (we need to settle on dates); Sabrina (new publicity??!) to connect with local schools for PeachJar info-

Costumes - Christine Scheifele, Kristin Gallagher

  • Thank you to Kristin for all your help with FIONA costumes! All costume items seem to be in place per Hannah and the last Saturday work day.

Sets - Open;

Props - Open

Old Business

  • registration due for STATES THIS FRIDAY! (One ACT, all solos/ensembles with Superior ratings) Discussion was had regarding registration for this, money and registration is due on Friday 2/4; February 17th is DUE DATE for submissions;

Virtual attending is 3/18, 3/19, 3/20 (during spring Break) with workshops and excellent guest speakers like Tina Fey; Hannah will talk with Bella, to round up a consensus with the ONE ACT, Ms. Flo will remind students again and money needs to be turned in. $60 for a virtual event and additional $5 per for each event registered.

  • Memberships -


New Business

  • Boosters need volunteers/connections with students to assist in supporting their program and follow up with their great ideas! A huge need for creative Fundraising because Drowsy is coming up!!! Will need Parents to support the students as they work on tech/set building, props, costumes and more!

2020-2021 Future Events

2/1 - Boosters meeting- Zoom

2/4 - Deadline registration for STATES

2/9, 2/10 - Filming of SHREK Jr. for watch party

2/18, 2/19, 2/20 - suggested dates for Watch party of SHREK Jr.

3/1 - Boosters meeting - Zoom

3/15-3/21 Spring Break

3/18, 3/19, 3/20 Virtual attending of STATES; submissions reviewed and announced

4/5 - Boosters Meeting- Zoom

4/2021 - Rehearsals and Tech days for Drowsy

5/3 - Boosters Meeting - Zoom

5/2021 - Drowsy Chaperone (TBD)

Meeting adjourned to:

March 1 Boosters Mtg: 7 PM via Zoom

East Lake Drama is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: March Booster Meeting

Time: Mar 1, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Meeting ID: 953 0445 7545

Passcode: 398718

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ELHS DRAMA BOOSTER Emergency MEETING 2/11/21 7pm via ZOOM

Topic: Shrek Meeting

Time: Feb 11, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Attendance: Amanda Long, Christine and Hannah Sheifele, Sabrina Butts, Nancy Lofredo, Karen/Mark Ondash,

OPEN DISCUSSION: Due to changes in VENUE and LIVE SHOW! Boosters reorganizing details

NO peachjar- instead advertise on SCHOOL’S eagle eye news , POSSIBLY SCHOOL MARQUIS (Hannah/Kim) due to the restrictions in seating.

Updated flyer has been announced on Instagram and then will share on FB – with updated GOFAN tix LINK ASAP- (Brad to coordinate this REMIND first with Freshman families and alert Amanda when to send out to the rest of the Drama families)

Updated flyer is posted- with LIVE dates/times- Sabrina will share the flyer with Amanda and work to email save the date

JOTFORM changes: Sabrina to email Brad with questions (changes before sending out!)

Personal message – states up to 40 words no pix- instead put 1 pix.

Business – review the business card and pix size. With words-


Volunteers- at least 4 people, volunteers show up 1 hr. prior. (SIGN UP GENIUS- Amanda)

  1. 2 at door phone scan tix – COVID BLURB to assist “find your seats first, send one member from your party to concession if needed, please do not linger in the lobby, remain socially distanced”

  2. Monitor running concessions outside and inside the theater, photo section (student house crew)

  3. Monitor Lobby for distancing 😊

Concessions – Sodas, waters, Nancy will purchase Tuesday, create prepackaged item for Shrek Ears, agreed upon price is $4.00. , additional items set at $1.00 and (?); will work with house crew to figure out if they can walk around with the boxes/carts to assist with spreading out -

For back stage, Bag of ice, 3 gallons of water needed each night. (sign up genius)

Donations for after school rehearsals, 4 cases of small water bottles , fruit and bars. (Amanda to email request)

Nancy would like the house crew to come on Tuesday right after school 2:00 to help unload, and divvy up jobs for housework!

Hannah- will remind house crew to set up a photo op place for outside with Theater backdrop for AFTER SHOW (HOUSE CREW)

Sectioning the rows with tape – Kayley Boyd is the house crew manager, can work with Kim to organize the theater seating arrangement- and ask if we need adults for this?? DOES IT REMAIN EACH NIGHT (Friday is school- ) or do we need to section off each day. How do we do this? It was suggested to print off flyers? 900 seats / 200 people should easily accommodate every other row and a few seats between parties.

A question was raised whether the volunteers (house crew/adults) are considered part of the 200?