April 14, 2021 ELHS Drama Boosters Meeting Minutes - 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting Brad Brady, Mark Ondash, Amanda Long, Nancy Lofredo, Christine and Hannah Scheifele, Shannon Petrignani

President - Brad Brady - We need to address the set this weekend (skeleton crew) and possibly 4/24 for anything else needed at that time.

Ms. Florio- We need Painting and costume help, set is mostly up, must finish the airplane. Walls are up.

VP - Open position -

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Is the Drama website updated to link the boosters SHOP (for tshirts etc.); Mark update the website (Amanda will help too with the advertisements- need access to information/businesses that pay on website, share with TRI for Playbill )

  • Brad will Create Jotform for Shout outs to share with Amanda who will send out with SIGN UP GENIUS for SNACKS and items for late rehearsal week - by this Friday/ NEEDS ARE: Bottled waters (8 oz. 10) bananas, oranges, premade sandwich rounds, drop on M/T; rehearsals are 2-6 M-F/ M, T week of show.

  • Tickets link will be shared to families of cast and crew first two days- then link to public (FB)

  • Sign up genius created next week for concessions, t-shirt sales, doors/tix (HOUSE CREW SIGN UP SHEET has been posted by Gavin- house and stage crew mgr)

  • Carwash towels will be returned by Katy Cunningham to the school; can we add a carwash in May- check with the BANK (Mark will check with Fifth Third bank)

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani -

  • question was raised to research hoodies for seniors instead of jackets- Nancy can look at t-shirt vendor to see what is available and get back to Hannah.

  • 70 Drowsy T shirts were ordered

  • What was in the closet- not much but Nancy will follow up with Karen Guider regarding other items gift certs/cards to be collected. .

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle Fundraising update:

  • QR posted on FB page - flyers passed out?

  • Traci would you like to help Amanda reach out to some the previous year sponsors for Playbill advertisement? Anyone else? We can split up :)

  • Amanda will create a jotform for the sponsors and email the families to advertise this - collaborate with TRI

Publicity - Open

  • Work with TRI ON QR playbill- sponsorship/advertisements pages - ask what the dimensions are for the pages for the sponsors if needed .

  • PRINT SHOP for the 11x14 signed posters - Boosters will provide approx. 70 to all those in the show -ECHO PRINT has been used in the past- Mark will follow up with.

  • Additional flyers 8 ½ x 11 printed off by hannah and mark -to be dropped to local schools and business.

Costumes - Christine Scheifele, Kristin Gallagher

  • wedding dress located? Roller skates (AStro Skate office open from 9-5; left message with them- please pick up this week)

  • Costumes need tweaking- Costume parade today indicates what needs to be worked on

Sets -Tech day on 24th is a possibility if necessary

Props -

  • NEEDED: fairy lights, stove (seeking resources), roller skates have been obtained.

  • 4 ft cabinets ( bottom and top) can be created or if there is anyone that can donate.

Old Business

New Business

  • Senior banquet activity request - protocol? Venue TBD

  • Senior gifts ideas -- TBD at next booster meeting

  • May 21st movie happening for school seniors on the football field - may interfere with our banquet date ideas. Ms. Florio is still following up with activity request for this date with the school. Venues need to be determined.