December 7, 2020 ELHS Drama Boosters Mtg.

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- December 7, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Brad Brady, Kimberly Florio, Nancy Lofredo,Amanda Long, Christine Scheifele,Hannah Scheifele, Laura Rosa, Karen Ondash, Jake & Traci Tottle, Shanon Petrignani,

Additional parent Zoom participants- Mary Mulligan

Committee Reports

President Brad - email:

Gives general update.

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorships (assist with fundraising), Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity,

Ms. Florio- reached out to M.S. (Carwise and P.H.) and try T.S. Dunedin, and S.H M.S to send a video of our district submissions to see if they are interested.

Build/Tech day approved 12/12 9-1 to finish up things- hanging trees likely wait until closer to show due the weight- they need to be hung later yet need to be finished on Saturday; costumes/props can be finished then too. Donations of a case of water is needed.

This Tuesday/Wed. After school blocking, until 3:30 PM. no extra parents needed.

Shrek Planning: Dates requested to be moved further out. MTI and purchase is okay for timeline. Kim would like to look into Pushing dates back to February- multiple shows @ 25% filled capacity in the theater.

Dates will Likely be 2/18, 19, 20 and will put in an activity request to the Principal.

Student Officers -

Hannah Scheifele, President- thinking of next year- sharing districts (one Acts) to middle schools - discussion held with Ms. Florio on how to reach out to the middle schools.

Hannah reports that student response to ONE ACT outdoor watch party was great, requests that program continue with some type of movie night fundraiser ideas.

She is working on the Mask fundraiser (11.50 ea) and would need to sell 50 to make profit. Found vendor: Custom Ink. Brad offered looking into iron on decals. Ms. Mulligan will check into the pricing through her contact. Brad will look into iron on decals for masks and Hannah will collaborate to determine vendor and profit.

Advertised to senior jackets- 12 seniors are interested and price would be about $80- vendor is “Neffco” - same company as used last year.

Jake Tottle - Thank you for the screen for projection! The talent show will need to be postponed due to logistics and timeline and minimum submissions at this time. Substitution idea is for a sale of ELHS Drama ornaments- prepainted by students (volunteers); Jake suggests setting up a table by cafeteria selling to students both drama themed and regular ELHS logo; for online kids, set up a jotform to keep track of purchases and deliver to them. What is cost to purchase? $9.99 per 25 count. Jake will work with Brad to implement Jotform and details for sale.

VP - Open position - email available is

Secretary - Amanda Long - Kim will share further information to post in email to Drama families along with Meeting Minutes.

Treasurer - Karen Ondash -

  • Karen deposited checks, and need to deposit cash- we are at about 13K

  • Questions regarding Xero app- downloading the correct APP and connecting to East Lake High School account

  • Related to Watch Party revenu:

182 people used the Jot Form; in addition to $50 in donation at the door.

  • - totaled ~ $1870 in revenue; expenses of $475.

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani-

  • Check expiration of sodas and concessions, last big shop was back in Madagascar, will need to invest in replacement goods.

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle

  • The catalog will be too late for this time of year. Will look into it for next Spring. Discussion of additional student fundraising including selling ornaments (see Jake Tottle).

  • Discussion of Cushions which were presented by Kristin were not of substantial quality for the membership packages and materials would need to be further sourced to possibly make.

  • Previous Additional ideas are the Clothes mentor shopping party

  • Menchies fundraiser

Publicity - This will need to be filled for Spring to raise funding and awareness for the shows.

Costumes - Will need #’s of students; most costumes are finished but need to figure more firm # of characters. This can be worked on this Saturday as well.

New volunteer Kristin Gallagher

Sets - Students are bringing ideas for designing the SET for Drowsy Chaperone.

We need to think of ways to repurpose or “sell” the Shrek set items. Looking to immediate area and outside area for people interested in purchasing for our profit.

Props - Open - Kristin Gallagher is available to assist with this per her previous email- her volunteer is appreciated!

Old Business

Watch Party - success! Great feedback by students and families. Thank you to all who donated time and equipment.

Districts - Dec 17, 18, 19 -

FTC - Nov 4,5,6,7 Regional festival is coming 12/12 and 13th; getting together to watch IE’s some events are running at same time, will be difficult to watch all at same time. All things are paid for. Credit card was used for $150 and balance paid by boosters.

Banners - Brad has worked with a vendor to create a ‘collage’

New Business

  • Memberships - Brad has created a membership package list of ideas, please find this here

Other Business Discussion:

  • Terri Burke is arranging for talent night at Apps and Tapps Dec. 3, and next the 22nd. Raises tips for students. Opportunity to showcase and perform in front of live audiences.

  • Congratulations to the students moving on in the rounds of the Walker’s Rising Stars Scholarship Award Program- Alyssa Kraynak and Kiley Ondash

2020-2021 Future Events

12/12 Build/Tech Day for Shrek Jr. Theater, 9-1 pm -

12/17, 18,19 District IV Thespian Festival - One Act Comp VIrtual submissions

12/21 - 1/5 Winter Break

Meeting adjourned to:

1/11/2021- January Boosters meeting at 7PM