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September 13, 2022

East Lake High School Drama Boosters - Meeting Minutes

September 13, 2022


Board of Directors Minutes

  • Meeting started at 6:30, ended at 7:00

  • Attendees: Shannon Petrignani, Sara Claudio, Randi Horton, Dani Rossi, Natasha Gallaty, Kristin Gallagher, Tara Allen, Layla Bundrick, Bryan Stotts, Laura Rosa

  • Prior meeting minutes (August 1, 2022) approved

  • Budget:

  • Approved Motion to increase Administrative section of budget with addition of $2,000 to enable theater space improvements like storage cabinet and painting of some items.

  • Approved Motion to approve 22/23 budget with the included $2,000 line adjust, to total budgeted costs $53,852

  • Monthly meetings will be moved to the 2nd Tuesday of each month. This will cause some conflicts, so adjustments will be managed. Action: Randi will update Activity Request. Meeting Dates:

  • Oct 11, 2022

  • Nov 8, 2022

  • Dec 13, 2022

  • Jan 10, 2023

  • Feb 14, 2023

  • March TBD

  • Apr 11, 2023

  • May 9, 2023

  • Level 2 Coverage for Friday afternoons until 4pm will be managed with Level 2 Volunteer Text Group for “on call” support for Ms. B. Ms. B will text earlier in weeks when she needs support so Friday Volunteer Text Group can reply and fill needs. This group is agreed to be made of this Board team.

  • The One Acts date needs to be adjusted from October 21st due to other school activity conflicts. Date is TBD.

  • Microphones/sound system improvement is needed for theater. Ms. B had Pinellas County Schools assess the problem and will receive a quote for costs. The process may be lengthy and the boosters are willing to plan for support of the expenses, over multiple years if needed. Prior to that planning, we will understand if the county will cover all or part of the costs.

  • Theater Letterman Jackets. Motion approved to provide opportunity for all students to order jackets at a cost of $80 each. Board agreed we should allow a one time only pre-order opportunity. Randi will post an opportunity with a deadline for orders.

  • Makayla Parrish is working on a logo for generic Theater spirit wear. Once complete, Randi will examine vendors for high-quality TShirts and Hoodies. This will be future Board business, but we agree we will manage this with pre-orders, likely once or twice per year. (We also spoke about the possibility of car magnets, so more to come.)

  • Student Thespian business was moved to the end of the Parent Booster meeting.

Boosters Meeting Minutes

  • Meeting began at 7:05, ended at 8:15

  • Attendees: Shannon Petrignani, Sara Claudio, Randi Horton, Dani Rossi, Natasha Gallaty, Kristin Gallagher, Tara Allen, Layla Bundrick, Bryan Stotts, Laura Rosa, Marie Tomlinson, Catherine Rutherford, Molly Fink, Quinton Spriggs, Sara Arroyo Claudio, Jack Gallagher, Jack Gallagher, Krista Jensen, Marie Palmer, Michael Long, Melissa Mahoney, Karen Jimenez, Cathay laSalle, Francesca LaSalle, Janet Hernandez-Kouangji, Rachel Guergawi, Clare Stevens

  • HUGE thank you for the parents that came! This is the largest attendance any of our current Board members have seen in over two years!

  • Haunt for Hep: our students have the opportunity to earn Bright Futures Hours

  • HEP is the Homeless Empowerment Program led by Clearwater Social Services.

  • The Long Family (boasts 2 ELHS graduates) will host their 5th annual Haunt for HEP this year and seeks scare actors to support three nights of fun.

  • Ms. B will work with Mike Long to get the opportunity introduced through the classroom and socialized across the students so they can sign up. (Action: Kelsi to connects Mike and Ms. B)

  • The Board announced an open board Seat - Concessions Co-Chair - to the Boosters to seek support. No volunteers occurred in the meeting, so ask that Parents interested follow up with any member of our Board. The Board will also post the ask through our various communications channels.

  • Snap! Raise is THE fundraiser that can support our spending budget for the school year, but participation is low.

  • Student participation nearly 2 weeks in is so low we would not be able to cover costs/effort if we launch.

  • Decision was made to extend the deadline for email collection until Sept 29th, with a new launch date of Sept 30.

  • Discussion about parent / student awareness of the campaign occurred. Parents present largely agreed they were seeing the communications.

  • Decision was made that Student Thespians would work with Suzanne to create a flier that would be distributed to all students to remind them of the need.

  • Production Fees of $40 are needed from each student who is a participant in a show (actor, stage crew, tech crew, costumes, makeup, etc). These fees cover the costs of the show, props, stage design, costumes, and the show TShirt that each participating student receives. The Boosters can support students with financial hardship.

  • Almost, Maine fees will be due in October.

  • Saturday, Sept 17th is the first Tech Day of the year. This was a late moment planned event, but future dates will be advertised in advance. Students earn Thespian Points by participating.

  • Brooker Creek Elementary Volunteer Opportunity!

  • join Remind reminder!

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