August 2, 2021 Drama Boosters Meeting Minutes, via Zoom

East Lake High School

Drama Boosters Meeting MINUTES

August 2, 2021 7 p.m. Via ZOOM

ROLE CALL AND ATTENDANCE: Nancy Lofredo (VP), Amanda Long (secretary), Natasha Gallaty(props), Tara Allen(concessions), STUDENTS: Bella Stotts, Sequoia Turner, Hailey Carr

President - Open Position - how do we want to proceed?- we will address this at the next meeting and likely vote Nancy in,

  • Discuss Budget for fall- duties of board members and delegating tasks.(draft budget should be ready for September meeting and voted on for approval by October meeting)-


  • INFO on SNAPRAISE - Snap Raise launch date is scheduled for: Fri, Sep 10, 2021

  • requested to filter registrations and fees through the boosters for District Competition, Florida Theatre Conference, Thespians- Or remain with School- (While students state that they have assisted in past and are able to assist Ms. Florio, Boosters can research What has been done in the past and determine if they want to handle the logistics)

  • Parents look out for email with instructions on how to reactivate their volunteer account; must do this prior to LEVEL 2 - special arrangements for Level 2 Fingerprinting Screening (FBI/FDLE screened) with Express Fingerprinting have been made. Express Fingerprinting is an approved Pinellas County Schools vendor. There is a fee of $45 per person and it is payable to Express Fingerprints by the volunteer, not PCS. ****$35 travel fee with a 10-person minimum for this service, and if we have more than 10 the $35 fee will be waived.

VP - Nancy Lofredo -

  • Need to fill open board positions - Nancy to move to President??? Need to vote on this. Then find someone to volunteer for VP. Really need someone for Fundraising/Publicity

  • Meet with Treasurer regarding taxes and previous spending

  • Address By-Laws (by laws updated May 2019 and are not required to be reviewed until 5/2022

  • Prepare slides for parent meeting - Ways to communicate (websites, Facebook, monthly meetings), Production fees (we should vote on production fees for Clue how much and should we require them to be paid to get t-shirt), volunteering and ways to get involved.

  • T-shirts for one acts and Clue and sponsorships, ads and shout outs - Students discussed creating the business Cards to hand out advertising dates of all Shows

  • Get access to website and update as soon as possible; merge booster ‘Boutique’ using Jotforms- students with credentials are Bella, Jake, January

  • File annual report form on Sunbiz- This may need to be amended when new President voted in

  • Get visa/debit card from Brad or cancel and get new card - Amanda to go to Achieva with Shannon

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Create master list on DRIVE (add new parent info for 2021-22 - Kim to share class list ASAP)

  • Need to Update minutes in booster website DONE- assist with merging websites and creating Jotforms for the boutique, production fees (t-shirts), etc

  • Carwash is scheduled for August 29th. 2021 - (BANK) waivers to be shared with students first of year- will make a sign up genius for students/parent volunteers.

  • Publix tables available fall and spring- contacted Brooker Creek - Will Create sign up for parent volunteers and students to take shifts- 2 can perform at a time! If Publix fundraiser is successful- repeat in spring

Treasurer - Shannon Petrignani NOT IN ATTENDANCE

  • XERO - Need to decide if this should continue being used for uploading receipts for reimbursement

  • BUDGET discussion for Fall - Nancy will look to previous budget to get idea of spending- Board to try to vote on new budget by October meeting.

  • TAX FILING for 2020/21 (Sunbiz)

  • Change signature card at bank (should be able to do this with Amanda since she was on signature card last year- go to Achieva with Shannon)

Concessions Co-Chairs Sara Claudio (NOT IN ATTENDANCE) /Tara Allen

First events to plan - coffee house in October 22nd - Tara will meet with Nancy to discuss concession transition and prepare for the first event.

Clue November 4,5,6 -

  • Parent volunteer Interest -

Voula Gonatos (

Cally and Lee Wingfield (;

Fundraising/Sponsorships - OPEN POSITION - Hailey Carr student fundraising -

  • DRIVE 2021-22 SPONSOR EXCEL (old contacts can be used) form to begin making contacts for next fall-

  • Memberships - Discuss in the fall - this was developed by Brad- we did not discuss at this meeting- DO WE STILL WANT TO DEVELOP SOMETHING LIKE THIS?

  • Publix- Brooker Creek scheduled for September 26th; up to 5 student volunteers per shift needed and 2 adults 9:00 am to 5 PM (Break up into 2 hour shifts for students so that as many students can participate- 2 performers at a time). SIGN UP GENIUS TBA- Requires table, cloth, collection containers, Drama poster etc.

  • Carwash - 5th 3rd bank - we will need to organize parent volunteers to monitor students (sign up genius). Jobs include organizing presale tickets??(should this be available at the parent meeting? Or a JOTFORM with receipt?), set up day of (hose, sponges, towels, soap, money/tix collection containers, washing towels afterwards). -waters for kids- lots of parent volunteers/donations for this- Tara will volunteer for first shift.

  • Discussed the spring silent auction- discussed recruiting parents to divy up and reach out to community partners to gather items for baskets, start collecting items for the silent auction by FROZEN

Publicity - Open

  • Students are creating the business cards with show dates; need parent volunteer

Costumes - Kristin Gallagher

  • Parent Volunteer Interest

Georgia Kosloski (

Sets - Bryan Stotts

  • Parent Volunteer Interest

Emmanuel Gonatos ( 727 515 2922

Tyler and Jennifer Rowland ( 813 727 8815-Jennifer 727 462 9141- Tyler

Thom Wilkey 727 638 0196

Props - Natasha Gallaty

Old Business

New Business

  • Parent meeting - Nancy will look to put together the slides for the parent meeting - Amanda to meet with her on this. STUDENTS to perform at this meeting! Recruit parents and volunteers for boosters.

  • Drama club meetings- Bella reports the Decades of Drama themes each month to raise student interest and excitement for the program :) She shares the Drama Calendar.

2021-22 Future Events

  • 8/23/21 - Drama Parent Night! @7 PM THEATER

  • 8/29 CARWASH Fundraiser @ 5th/3rd Bank Boot Ranch

  • 9/10 Snap Raise Fundraiser Launch

  • 9/13 September Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 9/26/ Publix Brooker Creek Fundraiser Table.

  • 10/4 October Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 10/9 Tech Day

  • 10/16 Menchies Fundraiser

  • 10/22 ONE ACTS - Coffee House fundraiser

  • 11/1 November Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 11/4, 5, 6 - CLUE

  • 11/11, 12, 13 FTC

  • 11/16, 17, 18, 12/2, 3 Districts

  • 12/6 December Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 12/10 possible PRISM CONCERT

  • 1/3 week of- possible upper classman show-

  • 1/10 January Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 1/27, 28, 29 JR show - Frozen jr.

  • 2/7 February Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 3/4 Caberet

  • 3/7 March Boosters Meeting Guitar room

  • 4/4 April Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • Tech/Rehearsals

  • 4/28, 29, 30 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the musical

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room

  • 5/13 Senior showcase

  • 5/16-20 Thespian Week

  • 5/21 Banquet TBA

Meeting adjourned to August 23, 2021 Parent night- 7PM location Theater