April 5, 2021 Booster Mtg Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes -April 5, 2021 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting Kim Florio, Brad Brady, Karen & Mark Ondash, Amanda Long, Traci Tottle, Nancy Lofredo, Christine and Hannah Scheifele

President - Brad Brady -

  • Discussion was had about production fee =those who have paid should receive the t-shirt; the boosters discussed that a REMINDER be sent out for last call for production fee so as to receive a t-shirt. ; Ordering Cost should be about $8.00ea. (Nancy is waiting for final cost/count- 2xl will cost more)

  • The boosters voted to charge $20.00 for the t-shirts, and a reminder will be sent to students to pay the production fee or they will NOT receive a t-shirt. Extras will be ordered. Boosters will receive a t-shirt.

Ms. Florio- See BuSINess

VP - Open position -

Secretary - Amanda Long

  • Email reminder sent out for Production fee- currently as of 4/3/21 34 students have paid. (McElroy,McDonald not in cast/crew- is this a DOnation? Freshman have also paid and are on the crew)

  • COULD WE CHANGE THE FACEBOOK COVER PAGE from SHREK TO DROWSY PDF - Kim will update with the cover page with the Drowsy PDF and corrected dates.

  • Discuss boosters website upkeep/function- Thumbdrive has been located. Posts for the minutes have been updated. We can use the Sponsors page- Hannah will update the Drama website page to link the boosters SHOP (for tshirts etc.); Brad will share the credentials with Mark who will update the website (Amanda will help too)

  • Amanda will create Jotform for the DROWSY ‘SHOUT OUTS’ posted on the LOBBY Tv’s and create the powerpoint. Brad says to change the title (very top of the page to change the title form - click on “shrek shout outs and change to drowsy”

  • Get the Squares up and running for future selling Tshirts and larger purchases- This has been done.

  • Senior jackets update- are students interested in the new design that was shared?Hannah states that the seniors have lost interest in the new jacket style- the varsity jackets are no longer available; question was raised to research hoodies instead- Nancy can look at t-shirt vendor to see what is available and get back to Hannah

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

  • Question about Sponsorships on website- DOES THIS STILL WORK? Brad says the sponsorships should still work- and $ will go to the Booster account. Amanda will send out form letter to those previously used ( for QR Playbill advertisement)

  • Production fees paid on booster website - where is this information ??

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani -

  • We have left over concession inventory for Drowsy but will need to buy more. We are assuming that the same rules apply (outdoor eating only)- will buy more inventory on Saturday should we sell out-

  • snack provided to the cast during last week of rehearsals. If all rehearsal’s are only until 6pm on school days we most likely will not provide a meal. No tech days scheduled on a Saturday.

  • We will need to put together a signup genius for volunteers to provide water and fruit during tech week. We will need two cases of small water bottles per day and specific sign up for apples, oranges and bananas so we don’t get too much of one thing. We probably have enough chips and granola bars.

  • We need to take inventory of the t-shirts in the closet. Also need to pull out the closet to inventory other stuff- Possible items for auction baskets from last year. Contact Karen Guider to determine what gift cards if any are available or expired?

  • Drowsy T-shirts orders- The artwork is complete and sent to the printer. Waiting on a proof and final cost per shirt. Targeting delivering t-shirts to students on April 23rd or April 26. We have 65 cast and crew. I would like to get t shirts for the board. How many additional should we order to sell? 10 small 10 med 5 large- approx 25

  • We need a better way to get a complete list of the cast and crew in the future- CREATE FILE FOR THE DRIVE.

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle Fundraising update:

  • https://www.cognitoforms.com/GreenMarketCafe1/SociallyDistancedFundraising

  • We’re all set to start our next fundraiser with Green Market Cafe in Oldsmar from April 9th to the 18th. We’ll get 20% back from all sales during that period if anyone mentions East Lake High School drama... so let’s get the word out there!

  • Ms. Florio, you should be receiving 1000 cards in the school mail for students to pass out. Please let me know if anyone has any questions!

  • A QR code will be shared including the business cards to bring in (QR to be posted on FB page when it is received)

  • Memberships -need to be fine tuned for next year-


  • Carwash towels will be returned by Katy Cunningham to the school; can we add a carwash in May???

Publicity - Open

  • (Playbill QR?) (Would SABRINA BUTTS like to join this position?) Tri will be working on the QR; additionally students would like to see if its possible for the 11x14 signed posters to be available which the Boosters will provide approx. 70 to all those in the show (the date of the show needs to be changed on the PDF for the Playbill and the posters)

  • Additionally make flyers 8 ½ x 11 and print off approx 50 (Mark? Or Hannah VOLUNTEERED) Vendor needs to be found to print the posters-

  • COULD we add Sponsorship on the playbill? We have former yearly sponsors in our contacts located on the DRIVE - they can be reached out to! (Plato’s etc) form letters are available to use- If you or anyone you know (businesses, grandparents, friends, relatives) would like to make a tax deductible donation that can be done on the website here: https://www.elhsdramaboosters.com/product-page/donate

Anyone donating will be sent a Thank You letter and receipt for tax purposes. Amanda will look into sending out form letters to Plato’s closet, and any other vendors on the Drive. Add blurb request in parent emails. Share info with Tri.

Costumes - Christine Scheifele, Kristin Gallagher

  • Drowsy update- Parents interested in helping are: Kosloski,

  • Costumes are going well, Hannah is sewing away :) ; wedding dress is up for discussion. Looking for the one used from Dolly. Countryside HS can be contacted to borrow one if necessary Hannah will follow up with-

Sets - BUILD DAY not scheduled-

  • possibly the 24th? (If needed). Tech crew is repurposing the wood from the past, not needing to purchase a whole lot. Possibly will need parents to assist closer to the date of late rehearsals to help out with props/setting on stage.

  • Per Jot form: Parents interested in helping: Gallaty, Boyd, Long/Wilkey

Props - UPDATE-

  • Batteries, Need someone to purchase (9V and AA’s used the most) find out what the need is for Drowsy. Always need and can purchase from Amazon, Sams etc- can we get some delivered to the school?

  • There is a need for a range/stove as a prop- does anyone know where to get used/scrap?

Old Business

  • STATES- how did everything go- Student’s interest on the virtual platform was low, difficult to participate virtually. However there were several superiors received!

New Business

  • Thespian dues - 17 paid and 17 are inducting! The money will be paid through School budget to the Nat. Thespian.

  • Face masks- District is emphasizing COVID safety measures for the production. Discussion was had to purchase the clear mask called ULtra Light transparent masks anti fog clear, $39 each! Shields will not work due to the sound bouncing back. Discussion was had for all cast members to have same kind on their face. Looking for the best choice for all -

Other Business

  • SENIOR Banquet!? Could we hold something in the theater? Ms. Florio has requested this due to productions being held in theater now. Admin states all awards banquets are to be held virtual/recorded - sports are having senior nights on the fields, possibly could we try outside on the Baseball field again or other venue outdoors.

Discussion of putting together the protocol to present to ADMIN and Kim will put in an activity request for May 21st since May 17th- 21st is Induction week and this would be a good wrap up. Outside venues could be in front of the Theater on the steps/ or baseball/softball fields- Brad researching availability with coaches/staff.

  • Senior sendoffs- brainstorm ideas for possible things to present (not trinkets but experiences)

2020-2021 Future Events

  • April 7, 2-4 Cast 30 people

  • April 9, 2-4 Cast 30 people

  • April 12, 2-4 Cast 30 people

  • April 14, 2-4 Cast and costume crew

  • April 14 BOOSTERS MTG - 7PM

  • April 19-22 Tech work 2-6 50 people social distanced

  • April 26-28 Final Dress Rehearsals 2-6

  • April 29 SHOW: Call time fully made up 5 pm

  • April 30 SHOW: Call time fully made up 5 pm

  • May 1 SHOW: Call time fully made up 5 pm

  • 5/3 - Boosters Meeting - Zoom

  • 5/17-21 Thespian Induction week

  • 5/21 TBA date for Senior Banquet

Meeting Adjourned to May Boosters meeting

****Discussion was had for additional Booster meeting scheduled for April 14 (Brad to send out zoom to Amanda to share) and week of April 19 starts late rehearsals-

May Boosters Zoom Meeting:

East Lake Drama is inviting you to a scheduled Zoom meeting.

Topic: May Booster Meeting

Time: May 3, 2021 07:00 PM Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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