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April 4, 2022

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes APRIL 4, 2022 7 p.m.


Roll call/sign in: Nancy Lofredo, Dani Rossi, Kristin Gallagher, Rachel Guergawi, Krista Jensen, Kelsi Black, Cally and Lee Wingfield, Bryan Stotts, Randi Horton, Melissa Mahoney, Gavin Kuhar, Sara Lofredo, Bella Stotts, Amanda Long, Natasha Gallaty

Committee Reports

President Nancy Lofredo

  • March Minutes- approved with One correction to the spelling of Dani’s name

  • Too Much Light - Would like the student board to draft a letter (share with Nancy) to send to Broadway Cares with a check for 50% of what was raised. Total raised $708 + $95 concessions + $10 t-shirts. Total check to Broadway Cares of $406.50. Shannon to cut check and Nancy to contact Broadway Cares for instructions on mailing check.

  • Oldsmar second Friday - April 8th; What do we need? - Do we need a parent sign up, (board members committed are Nancy, Randi, Bryan, Sara) An address is needed to send out to the students sign up- Nancy will share with Bella. Kristen G. will donate the tents, set up is at 4:30 and power is provided. 9 to 5 t shirts will not be ready (100 cast/crew) yet Blue season shirts can be brought to sell and Nancy will bring other t-shirts, Mark (Oldsmar days guy) will provide a table for us. What flyers are we using? Dani emailed Arista to fix the flyers to print and will take care of printing 400 flyers and will bring into school Th/Fr to hand off to Nancy. We can use them for Publix table on Sunday- Amanda to get the flyers and display board Friday from Nancy in the Lobby to use for Sunday-

  • Straz will advertisement - follow up with Dani

  • Banquet- email to parents has gone out; committee to get started on preparations, decorating theme Red Carpet(centerpieces are old playbills to commemorate their last 4 years, Bella is in charge of student decorating), AV equipment- is provided; Tara will take care of the cake ; ticket sales to date are 48; complimentary tickets- 2 for Ms. Florio, 2 for Ms. Hauseman and an administrator invited and Valeria plant ops ;

  • By-laws (Hard Copy Printed for meeting)- Review for any changes. Email has gone out to PCS (Kathryn Ours ) regarding need for any updates; we will be providing a copy of our bylaws to our membership by April 30th and they will be voting to approve the bylaws at our annual banquet/ booster meeting on May 15th. Mr. Wingfield asks question whether our bylaws state a recommended money amount for carry over for the next year (is there a max amount where there is tax liability for over a certain amount). Discussion was had to have tax accountant (Nancy will touch base with Marie Palmer- accountant) - Budget tracks actuals, in /out and is available on the Boosters Google DRIVE.

  • 9 TO 5 T-shirts and Production fees - approx 42% paid fees thus far, t-shirts going to printer this week, extras printed for the Plant Ops -

  • Slate of Officers for next year’s Board- 72 hours in advance (Amanda disseminate email by 4/30) Bylaws wording addressed regarding way of work for change of President in the middle of the year (situation that happened this year where Nancy nominated herself), Randi Horton President requests a VP for next year, Tara/Sara VP hospitality (form concessions committee); Sponsorships/programs- open; Fundraising is open and can be added separate; Kelsi Black as secretary; Shannon Petrignani continues as treasurer. Natasha Gallaty props chair, Kristin Gallagher costumes, Bryan Stotts sets, Dani Rossi Publicity, Silent Auction - Tara will continue to assist. Nancy shares an email format that will go out with all information of slate and process (for Amanda to disperse email).

  • Scholarships (Amanda look on Banquet master email list in DRIVE for the email spreadsheet to get senior emails, send out the scholarship requirements by end of this week 4/8 with submissions due 4/22 by 5pm. This gives time for seniors to complete and submit, Share rubric with scorers; cc Randi Horton) - Dani, and Sara have volunteered to score. Students must meet the deadline for turning in applications, Randi Horton will take on collecting then disperse to parents volunteering to score them. There are 28 seniors. Nancy proposes 8 $250 scholarships, 2 $500 scholarships, an increase from $2k last year to $3K this year. Discussion tabled till end of meeting when student board members leave. Revisited what our final Budget amount recommendation will possibly be to carry over till next year. Bryan suggests increasing the amount of scholarship from $3K to $5K to split amongst 5 seniors. Tara Makes a motion to pass the suggestion for $5K split between 5 $1K student scholarships, motion seconded and the board votes to pass this. Parents willing to Blind score the scholarships will tell Nancy. Would like to have at least 5 parents.

Vice President OPEN

Treasurer Shannon Petrignani - Not Present

  • See treasurer's report - 29678.

  • Carwash $970

  • On top of Worlds Parade sent check for $200

  • Godspell brought in- $1411; with concessions at 522.43;

  • Upcoming Banquet final payment $1600 at the event (# is fluid based on # of people)

Secretary Amanda Long-

  • Create sign ups for adult volunteers for Publix table on Sunday 10-4 (2 hr shifts)

  • Followed up with Marquees vendor SUNBELT to rsv. 9 to 5- 1 week quote: M-F $1218.00 (includes tax/delivery) Daily ( up to 2 days) is 250/day; Nancy to contact Suzie Linton and perhaps TS has one? (do we want the sign for less days ahead of 9 to 5 and post the link with dates ) Discussion brought up by Mr. Wingfield for the Boosters to potentially purchase a sign to use yearly and shared resource with Nancy - $2300 digital sign Natasha will ask about the ELHS website to announce dates-

  • Begin to Follow up with finding the contacts for the community partners (retirements etc) for 9 to 5 marketing. Natasha reports her family's Retirement community location needs it well in advance on their calendar- but we can leave flyers there.

  • Order 9 to 5 pins - Bella will share the preferred image with Amanda

  • Organize Publix table day 4/10 and send out adult sign up genius by this Tuesday- collaborate with Bella for student sign up.

  • Begin assisting Kelsi Black to take over Secretary duties (met before Boosters meeting)

  • Send out (cc Randi to collect) Senior Scholarship letter to Seniors by this Friday and return due 4/22 by 5pm to Randi

Concessions Sara Claudio/Tara Allen

  • Sign up genius needed for tech week - fruit donations only (most dry snacks still available in closet from donations)

  • confirmation if there’s going to be a tech dinner night - Ms. Florio shares it is a nice team building dinner - date TBD provided by Kim. Krista recommends Palm Harbor chick file marketing director Kelly Snow to possibly contribute.

  • Krista Jenson-will provide Between shows dinner for cast and crew on SATURDAY

  • What are the responsibilities of concessions for the invited show days?

  • Concessions for Invited Dress rehearsal - Ms. Florio thinks boosters should sell ! Board parents will handle (no need for sign up)

  • Basket ideas - Sign up needed to collect items for theme Baskets carwash, baking and Bryan suggests asking EL country club to donate for a golf basket - Nancy will reach out to her contact there. (Tara to share sign up needs with Amanda to send out by 4/15)

Fundraising -

Carwash - Kelsi Black

  • The March 27th car wash was canceled due to lack of student sign up.

  • All car wash supplies have been vacuum bagged, resulting in a smaller footprint in the closet. We have soap to last the next 10 years!

Program Sponsorships -do we include thank you blurb regarding donations for the silent auction items?

Costumes- Kristin Gallagher

  • Do we want a sign up for assistance with after 9 to 5 for cleaning/return and laundering. Parents are needed to assist with this in future shows. This should occur with each show.

  • Get with Bryan to design/build the shelving in the lobby for the sewing club/notions etc

  • Drama Banner- hopefully finished by end of week for Oldsmar days

Props - Natasha Gallaty - Props needs

  • 5 typewriters

  • 5 Staplers

  • 2 three hole punch

  • Adding machine

  • Two navy binders

  • 3 intercoms (probably make, on here just in case)

  • 10-12 Plain mugs (however many come in bulk)

  • 3 working flashlights (70s if possible)

  • D Branding iron (double Ds if possible)

  • 70s coffee maker

  • We also need a hospital gurney and curtains with pockets on the top and bottom. (Kristin can help design these)

Tech/Set Bryan Stotts -, elevator doors barn door hardware donated, Bed frame is available, and trunk of car - he is working on this, Mr. Wilkey will assist to build the bathroom stalls.

Publicity Dani Rossi-

  • Email to Mrs. Haley for “invited dress” on April 28 and 29 Please help us have an audience. Broadway Star of the Future will be reviewing us then. -Natasha will put flyers in teacher boxes (Bella contacting student to tweak the dates on the flyer to reflect Dress Rehearsal to share with Natasha)

  • Dani working on the Program with Arista.

Silent Auction - Tara Allen and Randi Horton - BASKET IDEAS


Safety Harbor Resort & Spa

Board & Brush

Replay Amusement Museum

Tampa Bay Rays

Rusty Bellies

Clear Sky

Time Trap Escape Room


Ruth Eckerd Hall

Creative Keys

Wentworth Golf Club

Innisbrook Golf Resort

Ms. Florio-

  • Invited dress flyer created (tweaked by Carson Darst- to reflect 4/28-29 at 7pm and handed out by Natasha in school teacher boxes)

  • Tickets go live for 9 to 5 April 18 – May 7. $12.00 adults $10 seniors/students ITS honored.

  • Cost of entire microphone replacement is 32K to replace entire sound system.

Student Officers- Bella Stots

  • Assist with Oldsmar days student sign ups; student publix table sign ups (7 students so far, 2 per shift)

  • Thespians - 3 students need financial assistance. $35 each. (Bella will share with Nancy)

  • Banquet theme and decorating - Red Carpet, use of old playbills as centerpieces.

New Business

Other Business

Events on the calendar- VOLUNTEERS NEEDED!

2021-22 Future Events

  • 4/4 April Boosters Meeting Guitar Room 7 pm

  • 4/8 Oldsmar 2nd Friday (parent and student booth 4:30 - 9:00)

  • 4/10 Publix marketing day - (Ridgemoor 10 - 4)

  • 4/18 -5/7 Tickets go live on for 9 to 5

  • 4/28 & 4/29 Invited Dress for 9 to 5; Broadway Stars (audience needed!)

  • Tech/Rehearsals 9 to 5

  • 5/2 May Boosters Meeting Guitar Room 7pm

  • 5/5-5/7 Spring Musical - 9 to 5 the Musical

  • 5/9 - 5/13 Thespian Week

  • 5/13 Senior showcase

  • 5/15 Banquet East Lake Country Club 2 PM


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