November 2, 2020 Drama Boosters Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- November 2, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Brad Brady, Kimberly Florio, Nancy Lofredo,Amanda Long, Laura Rosa, Karen and Mark Ondash, Jake & Traci Tottle, Hannah Scheifele, Shanon Petrignani,

Additional parent Zoom participants- Voula Gonatos, Kristin Gallagher

Committee Reports

President Brad - email:

Gives general update.

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorships (assist with fundraising), Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity,

Ms. Florio- see old business

Student Officers -

Hannah Scheifele, president- brought up that the student officers wanted to discuss Senior Jackets purchasing. Another selling point is possibly making logo masks and lanyards (Brad discusses that a minimum order might be necessary for the lanyards and to look in to the prices) and the Varsity Jackets might need to be ordered at a price point related to HOW MANY, last years were $80.00 based on # ordered. Hannah needs to come up with deadlines to proceed quickly for this and will follow up.

Jake Tottle - see secretary

VP - Open position - email available is

Secretary - Amanda Long - phone numbers for texting reminds to parents (do these need to be gathered?)

  • -Jake would like AMANDA/SECRETARY to alert the parents in an email about the next auction ahead of time, along with the SHOW YOUR SKILLS Sundays- has this been coordinated and WHO will organize the ZOOM meetings? November 8th is booked for LIlly, Kenzie Mulligan for the following week. We need to determine how to set this up on the Booster website for payment- utilizing the Jotform platform linked from the Booster Website - Brad said he would create this. Jake will email Amanda details by this WEd. to put in a parent info email.

Treasurer - Karen Ondash -

Discuss the hire of an employee for Ms Florio and how this is approved and handled.

  • Brad had recommended paying the assistant for the Ms. FLo through Boosters instead of through ‘contracted services’ as the red tape was very difficult- it was dropped long ago due to the efforts of reimbursement difficulty- when booster club was started it was intended to pay the ‘support assistant’ through booster - Karen suggests we have to follow the PCS rules, including the Tax Forms etc. and is concerned that we are ensuring the tax paperwork, the insurance etc is covered for this hired help. 10-99 forms would need to be submitted for the employees hired last year- Karen has asked for the accountant contact which could assist her with filing this paperwork to cover through June 30th. Work on covering the cost of the 10-99 and build this into the wage for the new hire. The assistant is needed now and this person hired is willing to work until MId January. Karen will need to know the “code” for that employee and Brad will get back to her. A vote was held and this will pass, the assistant will be paid by the Boosters, in the amount of $1,200 until Mid January.

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Shannon Petrignani-

  • One Acts watch party Coffee house set up on tables, power is available at the fields, a suggestion was a ‘brown bag’ picnic ‘grab and go’ style Shannon Petrignani, volunteer and concessions co-chair will coordinate with Nancy for coffee house concessions. Board discussed items to sell including pre-bagged cookies and store bought items, cold drinks vs. hot depending on the weather. Donations are needed for snacks/plates/ napkins etc.

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Traci Tottle

  • Traci Contacted Yankee Candle who reported fundraising is longer available due to COVID but referred her to “Nancy Daniels Gift Catalog”. Product prices range from $8-$35 guaranteed 40% profit, online ordering is available, products deliver directly to purchaser; Another option is “Otis Spunkmeyer cookie dough” 40% guaranteed profit, online ordering, delivered frozen to the school and requires coordination of handing out- which could be difficult.

The boosters held a vote and the Gift Catalog is the preferred fundraiser. Traci will follow up with this and Snap Raise will be the additional fundraiser in the Spring.

  • Additional ideas are the Clothes mentor shopping party

  • Menchies fundraiser

  • Memberships- discussion below

Publicity - Open

Costumes - Christine Scheifele (will not be attending the meeting 11/2)

New volunteer Kristin Gallagher who (per her email to Amanda) has over 10 years of costuming experience with several schools and community theatres. She can create custom costumes, sew from patterns and source materials for costumes & props. She is familiar with backstage etiquette & protocol and has managed dressing room volunteers in the past. Welcome Kristin to the drama boosters and thank you for offering to assist with looking into the seat cushion fundraiser.

Sets - Open

Props - Open - Kristin Gallagher is available to assist with this per her previous email- her volunteer is appreciated!

Old Business

Districts - Dec 17, 18, 19 - paperwork and signing up, videos submitted to Ms. Florio by 11/4. Wiggle room was needed to accomplish all details in order to submit all videos by deadline. Money will be gathered by Kim at school, sent to boosters, and boosters will write a check and give to Kim to pay Districts fees.

FTC - Nov 4,5,6,7 (assistant will help Ms. FLo with setting this up)

Banners - Brad has worked with a vendor to create a ‘collage’

New Business

  • Memberships - Brad has created a membership package list of ideas, please find this here

Discussion: Nancy asks if the membership packages ‘6 tix’ can be used to towards any event and if this will get confusing. We will have to figure a way to plan for this. Tickets prices are going towards the Drama program (package tix are paid for by the Boosters and factored into pricing of the package).

Coffee House fundraising goes towards the Booster bc we pay for the ‘food’. Brad mentions that Lobby boards (foam board with lots of pictures collage created by the vendor instead of a large banner).

Looking at the items within the packages, the boosters considered seat cushions being made by volunteers or tech students but a sewing machine would need to be donated and someone to teach the students. Kristin Gallagher, Drama parent and volunteer, offered idea to sell cushions separately and suggested looking into what premade cost price point vs. what making would cost. The cushions were voted to be taken out of the package and sold separately, Kristin Gallagher looked into pricing and this seems to be fairly inexpensive (at $1-2 each). She then follow up pricing with the Drama logo on it (emailed to her by Amanda). She will get back to Brad on prices and quantities, and whether this can be created quickly to add into the memberships again or sold separately- could be a nice fundraiser, material should be vinyl to be wipeable and to either sell or rent/reuse per event. The packages were voted as Brad has created them (minus the cushions)

  • Watch Party - Use baseball field. Need projector and screen. Date? DISCUSSION:

Hannah reports that Mr. Brady looked into the ELHS baseball field and coaches are okay with the date of 11/19 at 7:00PM. Ms. Florio turned in an activity request.

A Projector and screen is donated by Mrs. Tottle to watch the ONE ACTS, and should be set up (dry run) the night before - to be arranged by Brad.

A student officer/booster will run the ticket table which will be the ONLINE platform (boosters website). People will bring a blanket/chairs, masks and social distance. At the End announce the winner for moving on to districts. Tickets suggested as $10 each, same as last year. Tickets will be purchased on BOOSTER WEBSITE (as last year) -Concern was raised that when tix were purchased in addition at the door last year the food ran out.

Wristbands will need to be purchased by boosters to utilize for this - 1K+ should be ordered bulk so that we can use for future- It was mentioned that no more than small percent over online purchases will enter night of purchasing tickets and this should be relayed in the email reminder so that FOOD can be planned for accordingly.

A student “CLEAN UP CREW” is necessary for the end, and a “HOUSE CREW” for ushering people in. A SIGN UP GENIUS can be created to send out to the students’ emails to sign up for these jobs (AMANDA can do this- please contact her to arrange prior to event)

  • Purchases receipts made by the board should be uploaded into XERO immediately. Please add the APP to your phone and if you have any questions on how to do this please ask Karen Ondash. LARGE purchases (over $100) MUST be pre-approved by the board (Karen/Brad). THE TAX exempt form Should be shared and used with ALL purchases (AMANDA to share). Purchases made by students should always be PREAPPROVED and TAX form to be used. Any student wishing to make a purchase for reimbursement must first get permission from their corresponding Parent Booster (ex: costumes officer must get approval from Boosters Costumes Chair Christine Sheifele etc.). Make sure to use tax exempt certificate for purchases - Boosters will not reimburse for tax paid. Reimbursement using purchaser’s own card is possible and then upload the receipt for reimbursement, the Booster Debit card is with Brad, and Karen and can also be used but all receipts are necessary to upload into Xero for documentation for full reimbursement. Brad needs to set up the Boosters SHOP and EVENTs pages for COFFEE HOUSE Watch party and Sunday Skills Days.

2020-2021 Future Events

11/4, 5,6,7 FTC Virtual event

11/9 Provide snacks and water for One Acts Tech Week

11/19 7:00 PM One Acts Coffeehouse Watch party- ELHS BASEBALL FIELD

12/7 Booster Meeting 7pm via ZOOM

12/17, 18,19 District IV Thespian Festival - One Act Comp VIrtual submissions

12/21 - 1/5 Winter Break