October 5, 2020 Drama Boosters Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- October 5, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting -

Brad Brady, Kimberly Florio, Nancy Lofredo,Amanda Long, Laura Rosa, Karen Ondash, Traci Tottle, Jake Tottle, Christine Scheifele, Hannah Scheifele,

one other additional parent Zoom participant

Committee Report

President Brad Brady email: president.elhs.dramaboosters@gmail.com or Brad@bradbrady.com

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorships (assist with fundraising), Costumes, Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity, Concessions Co-Chair with Nancy Lofredo.

DIscussion: Reasons to fundraise - with new plays announced, having something to work towards to get students excited to start raising money.

Snap Raise has not taken off. Email was sent out last week with reminder to get parents involved in this process, in which students generate emails.

We need to get parents involved in requesting for after school rehearsal for ONE ACTS. David Tagolini with response to Kim - south schools are holding a drama club meeting after school. Question for Principal Haley: What is equitable for us to meet after school when other clubs such as Academic team are meeting.

Pinellas county is being more aggressive in their restrictions, parents can get involved in requests to principal.

Tech students are not getting the experiences of necessary skills if rehearsals and prep outside of school, planning would be difficult - things like SOUND projection etc. need to be considered for set/placement and on stage- this NEEDS to occur on our stage.

Ms. Flo can put out a REMIND for Booster Meetings, for events coming up, this seemed to generate parents for the last meeting.

VP - Open position - email available is vicepresident.elhs.dramaboosters@gmail.com

Treasurer Karen Ondash - will follow up on doing the taxes with Dimarco and Assoc.

Budget is 9,100.00 plus recent fundraiser from auction with Jake Tottle.

She will need to meet with George to get unreconciled receipts resolved,

There is not a budget yet (this will need to be addressed with new plans for shows in place), Karen will work with George to find out how to work with Xero, there are several facets to connect.

Nancy stated that there is a recording of hard receipts for the concessions from last year.

Secretary Amanda Long - minutes will be posted to Boosters Website and link on the Drama Facebook page

  • To contact person with RE OLDS PARK Felicia Donnelly to inquire about using the bandshell and whether there is a fee (would like it to be free!)- need specific dates to inquire with (get with Hannah Scheifele for this) and whether we can serve refreshments/food/drinks if we do a ‘Watch Party’; projector offered by: _______________

  • To work with Jake Tottle to ensure announcements/emails are made to parents regarding upcoming fundraising events including the Sunday Show your skills and the next Online Auction- Jake will email more details to Amanda to push out to families.

Concessions Nancy Lofredo, Laura Ross - discussed possible $10 tix which covers ONE ACT shows with maybe coffee and desert. When a plan for venue (possibly outside at RE OLDS Park) we can put together the ‘tix/concession’ plan.

BRAD FOUND THE SQUARE- ACCOUNT which should be SET UP WITH XERO- this is also used on the Booster website and could be used for the “store” and show tickets etc. He needs to be in touch with Olivia Lunsway to learn previous process.

Fundraising: Traci Tottle and Jake Tottle

-Jake reports that the online auction raised $850.00 !

Traci is getting students to pick up items- (Jake has a list of students and can share this with Kim to alert to pick up) and then Traci will bring the total/check to Kim by end of week.

-Jake would like AMANDA/SECRETARY to alert the parents in an email about the next auction ahead of time, along with this next idea:

IDEA discussed with student team: Weekly Event “show your skills Sundays” would like to begin in November (USING Zoom meetings)

Students will showcase their skills to “teach” a BASICS class on a Sunday, reach out to Jake with their interest in sharing skills; this builds leadership, shares ideas and builds skills within the group

Attendees will pay the fee (suggested $5.00 ) to join

-Discussion of the FOOD truck and Traci can look into the split of %age of profit.

-Traci will ask Chris about the Yankee Candle fundraiser used last year, which was pretty seamless and lasted throughout the holidays and beyond-

-Additional discussion of ideas including possible

Banners/Memberships; Brad will share an example of a package with board.

Sponsorships - THIS area needs to be filled-

Sponsorship opportunities are available on the Booster Website, follow up is necessary to determine how to fulfill the advertisement opportunities (banners, website incentives etc)

Costumes - Mrs. Christine Scheifele volunteers for this position tonight. Kim Florio moves to nominate her for this position. Amanda Seconds and the board members gladly vote for Christine to join ! She will work with Hannah and Amanda will send out email to generate support when need is defined-

Props - Brad reports that a Parent (Browning- ) asking for reimbursement for SHREK PROPS- he will ask her to send the receipts to show WHAT it was for, Kim relays that if items are in the building and receipts are presented that family should be reimbursed. Karen will follow up with Xero-

Tech/Set -

Publicity -

Silent Auction -

Student Officers -

Hannah Scheifele, president-

Virtual is not the same and not as exciting for those students participating, having after school rehearsal would garner excitement for moving forward with the shows.

She brought up to Mr. Anderson on behalf of the theater students that for the districts competition ONE ACTS will need to be filmed inside with lights etc. and the stage is necessary to do this, and could rehearsal be held safely on the stage after school, and to have equitability as other clubs are meeting.

Ideas are that it might be difficult to perform outside so that maybe a performance ‘watch party’ with the recorded filmed version played on screen for all families date TBD.

She brought up trying to get in touch with Oldsmar parks- Ms. Flo has the name of the person to get in touch with Felicia Donnelly who is the contact for the RE OLDS park bandshell -whether it is available for fee or free- (ask about bringing food/drink so as to fundraise for our ‘screening ‘ coffee house

November 20th submission due date to Districts. (Hannah suggests would like to film by Nov. 12th - with permission from the school to film IN the theater) 69 people needed to be filmed for submissions as well, this will need to be worked out with the new cameras.

Hanna will contact the student Directors to see if they would prefer to perform outside or do a watch party on a projected screen outside (some dates are suggested on the Dec. 3rd, though details for judging while filming and announcing prior to Districts will need to be worked out)

Can adults support Set/Props/Costuming on weekends? One LEvel 2 person is required with additional adult volunteers.

Jake Tottle - see fundraising

Kim Florio - working to get the straight show (fall) MELODRAMA “Because Their Hearts were Pure” ; she is contacting Publishing house to work on getting the rights….

The Drowsy Chaperone for the Spring. Possibly pushing in way into MAY, could be possibility to live stream,

ONE ACTS - Are in full swing, Hannah is working very hard to talk to Mr. Anderson to support the students to rehearse after school- looking to find equity in clubs being able to meet. Mr. Ondash will be meeting with Ms. Haley this week. Important to rally parents to find ways to get their children to interact in ways that keep them engaged and interest level, participation and necessary rehearsals for districts submissions and beyond, on same level as other clubs meeting after school (academic team)

Old Business -

Banner - An idea was raised last meeting by Brad to consider creating banners for purchase by families/friends(for example senior parents?) of the students, the timeline for implementation can be within a month to piece together, call vendors, and create the advertisement

  • Nancy will ask Cindy Diana who the vendor was for the SHOW banners last year to arrange for the upcoming fall show. We will need to work on this design (students?)

  • Brad will share information on the senior banners with the membership package ideas (see below)

New Business -


Idea was raised last meeting to create packages with things like parking and VIP tix,seats concessions and, black polos/ hoodies (students need these for districts)which are another option for fundraising.

  • Boosters would ‘buy’ the tickets for the show/concession etc. to make a ‘package’ - Brad will put together a ‘visual’ of ideas in the package for us to consider.

Other Business :

Kim Will get bookkeeper to purchase the new cameras with the referendum $

Discussed purchasing the wireless microphones-which can be around $200; Kim will purchase with drama account $

FTC - Nov 4,5,6,7- the students are not too excited to participate in this - need to encourage students even though this is virtual.

Discussion of continuing to use the Booster website for purchasing tickets, store for tshirts etc. Brad found the Square and this needs to be determined if linked to the Xero- Since the website is important, work with Amanda to administrate the details of how it looks for upcoming events- (Work with Cindy Diana if necessary)

SNAPRAISE Will table, yet push to later in the year- Kim will ask the coordinator for timeline details.

PLease contact the Booster board if you would Like to share your time/talents/connections in a volunteer position!!

Adjourned to the NOVEMBER, 2nd 7 PM Boosters Meeting via Zoom Brad will share Zoom link - Amanda will send out to Board members and invite families via email/facebook