Drama Booster Minutes September 14, 2020

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes- September 14, 7 p.m. via Zoom

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Brad Brady, Kimberly Florio, Nancy Lofredo,Amanda Long, Laura Rosa, Karen Ondash, Traci Tottle

21 additional parent and other Zoom participants!

Committee Reports

President Brad Brady- email: president.elhs.dramaboosters@gmail.com

Introduction of Board members and positions open

2020-2021 Officers-. Booster positions needing volunteers are VP, Sponsorship- (assist with fundraising), Costumes, Props, Tech/Set Chair, Publicity, Concessions Co-Chair with Nancy Lofredo.

Discussion: Positions available- helpful if we had adults to facilitate the background ‘goings on’ such as publicity, linking community publications with students, help in all areas is tremendously needed and appreciated. We Boosters do the behind the scenes tasks, shopping for props, set items, costumes etc, running errands and pick ups (Goodwill etc) - Ms. Florio relies on the Boosters for purchase of ‘as needed’ items on the fly such as paint, supplies etc.,

Mentorships are great way for students to have guided responsibilities.

VP - Open position - email available is vicepresident.elhs.dramaboosters@gmail.com

Treasurer Karen Ondash - purchased ZOOM PRO for Boosters meetings.

Secretary Amanda Long - minutes will be posted to Boosters Website and link on the Drama Facebook page

Concessions Nancy Lofredo, Laura Ross - it was brought up that food trucks could be brought in for concession if an outdoor venue was permissible

Fundraising Traci Tottle- discussion of ideas including possible Banners/Memberships; to be further investigated

Sponsorships -


Props -

Tech/Set -

Publicity -

Silent Auction -

Student Officers -

Hannah Scheifele, president-speaks to encouraging students to stay participating as we are being as creative and “normal” as possible while addressing what we can virtually.

ONE ACTS will be announced Tuesday, 9/15 and completely student run, right before District festival, a pre performance is held for ELHS audience to vote on which one will be sent to districts.

Jake Tottle pulling together virtual auction (date 9/26?) on ZOOM and requesting items donated from families- please contact him if you have donations

message him on the facebook post on the elhs drama page

Kim Florio - Readdressed the Jr. production will be Shrek Jr.

Question was asked whether any funds were recouped from last spring - playwrights are purchased early for additional fee, and timeline did not allow for reimbursement. Lots of good set/props/costumes that should be reused.

Discussed the ‘COVID’ regulations at school related to FB, BAND etc. about being equitable for theater, allowing for after school rehearsals for one acts (which have been sensitive to size/cast)

Mark Ondash speaks that it was brought up at the SAC mtg, also robotics can not meet after school either even as an Engineering Magnet school.

Julie Townsend recommends something like a ‘Shakespeare in the park’ possibly using the FB field, the driver’s Ed lot location, we could invite Food Trucks for concession. Possibly other outdoor community venues discussed (RE OLDS park, Tarpon Springs, Dunedin Fine arts or downtown Douglas) Mr. Brady suggests the baseball field. Will need to connect with Ms. Haley to find out if using an outdoor community venue is a possibility. Mr. Ondash might be able to inquire more, thinking that decision ultimately (Dr Grego). Additional parent input discussion of how our program generates revenue, tickets and is a factor like FB, focusing on this might help persuade.

Old Business -

Districts - Dec 17, 18, 19

Students can perform in front of judges and get feedback, please pump your student up to participate - OCTOBER 23 through November 23 is the Window to put it together; FIguring out the “FILMING” that will be required to create your product,students send in best performance; FLo has requested 3 new cameras with referendum money! District Competition: Check out all the rules on the Florida State Thespian website. www.flthespians.com This will be a challenge to get everyone’s product filmed and ready within the month so begin early!

FTC - Nov 4,5,6,7 - This is for Juniors and seniors, takes place in Gainesville, opportunity to be placed in front of up to 50 colleges, audition 1x for all of them,

Ms. Flo and Brad are on the board. Although Juniors do not receive scholarships, they may audition- this is great exposure and can allow them to be remembered from colleges on their senior audition. This is a 90 second or a 60 second package put together by the students for submission. Please encourage your children to participate.

Ms Flo will be bringing in virtually outside inspiration and workshops for students.

Snap Raise - get emails in. We have very few - the program lasts for 4 weeks, it sends 4-5 reminders during the course of the fundraiser to the email participants. Students will need to enter in their list of emails.

Ms. Flo instructed the students on how to create their account by clicking on the link. An email reminder was sent.

Students went into SNAP RAISE themselves to create their own account, only 8% have shared the full 20 emails, 81% have created their account.

Example of this fundraising email : “Hey I’m ….from the ELHS drama program and we are raising $ for the upcoming production….. And would you be interested in donating …..” emailed participants will get reminders for 4 weeks until a donation is made.

Snap Raise

Join the fundraiser by visiting hwho.org and enter this code: 824-802-876

New Business - Troupe Zoom PRO was purchased for $166 - due to the 45 min. Limit reinstated by Zoom platform. This was purchased for the Drama Boosters, Brad needed to do this ahead of this meeting due to the time limit and our meeting lasting 1 hour- this was discussed at the prior booster meeting as a possibility for need.

Adopt of class - two families have done so and THANK YOU SO MUCH!

Banner - An idea was raised by Mr. Brady to consider creating banners for purchase by families/friends(for example senior parents?) of the students, the timeline for implementation can be within a month to piece together, call vendors, and create the advertisement of (Traci Tottle)

Memberships etc - things like parking and VIP tix,seats concessions and, black polos/ hoodies (students need these for districts) are another option for fundraising.

Other Business

Fundraising is put towards improving the program. LIght board, sound board, curtains, head sets and big ticket items are often purchased by the district though the timeline can be extremely long.

Everything that goes into putting on the production can be spent up front- money raised by the boosters is put back into the program when performances are held.

A Jr. show Playwright will be purchased to reuse the set/props from last year.

Question and Answers - see Florio discussion

Please contact the Booster board if you would Like to share your time/talents/connections in a volunteer position!!

Adjourned to the October 5, 7 PM Boosters Meeting via Zoom Brad will share Zoom link - Amanda will send out to Board members and invite families via email/facebook

Ms. Florio’s Website: www.eastlakedrama.com Booster Website: https://www.elhsdramaboosters.com Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/groups/troupe4356