July 6, 2020 Boosters Mtg Minutes

The following East Lake High School Drama Booster positions have been voted in for the 2020-2021 school year:

President - Brad Brady

VP - Open

Secretary - Amanda Long

Treasurer - Karen Ondash

Concessions Co-Chairs - Nancy Lofredo and Laura Rosa

Fundraising/Sponsorships - Open

Publicity - Open

Costumes - Open

Sets - Open

Props - Open

Silent Auction - Karen Guider

There are still openings so if you are still thinking of getting involved next year please keep an eye on the ELHS Drama Facebook page to find out when the next Drama Boosters Meeting will be.


Here is a list of what each role entails:

Board Positions

President – Oversees the board organization, making sure needs are met. Communicates with Ms Florio regarding her needs for the Program and handles making sure they get taken care of and/or voted on as necessary. Organizes Florida Theatre Conference and District Festivals. Organizes FTC. Handles the t-shirt ordering, and facilitation of sponsor advertisements in the playbill with the publicity student team. Responsible for taxes, Florida State Business listings, insurance, and 501c3 status.

Vice-President (Can be President-Elect) Assist and shadow the President in preparation for future term as president assisting with all of the president’s duties. See above.

Treasurer – Prepare annual budget, oversees and monitors monthly expenses and income/deposits. Processes reimbursements and payments handles all Treasurer related duties.

Secretary – Emails all correspondence to parents and Boosters, creates monthly Agendas, misc documents, records and posts Booster meeting Minutes, sends thank you letters to sponsors and donors, creates volunteer sign-up geniuses for events. Handles communications.

Concessions Co-Chair– Orders, shops for, and maintains all food items for all shows, including Coffee Houses, Improv nights, plays, musicals, etc. Organizes snacks/meals for tech week rehearsals

Costumes -Oversees and helps the students create/rent/design/purchase costumes for the shows. Help shop and keep track of costumes needed for the shows. You could also help sew costumes or do alterations.

Props - Purchase and get reimbursed for props needed, helping organize props backstage making props, work with students to facilitate props needs.

Publicity – Coordinates with school to use marquees and signs. Arranges digital signs to advertise shows. Seeks out publicity channels to advertise shows (newspapers, local organizations, tv, social media etc.) Ideally coordinates with the student publicity team to arrange the printing of the posters

Sets – Organizes parent help for tech days, works side-by-side with Mr. Brady and Ms. Florio to build and plan set designs

Silent Auction – Organizes and runs the silent auction at the Spring Musical.

Fundraising and Sponsorships – Organizing and executing program-wide fundraisers (Car Wash, Menchies, restaurant nights, etc.) and securing local business sponsorships for the program, works with the student Fundraising Officer. This could be split into two different jobs.