March 2, 2020 Boosters Mtg. Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes - March 2, 2020,

7 p.m. Theater

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Olivia Lunsway, Cindy Diana, George Curbelo, Katy Cunningham, Stephanie Laris, Nancy Lofredo, Leona Wells, Amanda and Mike Long, Brad Brady, Karen Guider, Mark and Karen Ondash, Jen Lotti, Jacqui DiMarco, Jodi Kraynak, Mark Bonfiglio, Diana Sipe, Isabelle Lunsway, Rachel Brown, Lily Crocamo, Hailey Brito

Committee Reports

President Olivia Lunsway- Production fees are at 60% collected, 40% not yet paid, Must do Flower sales at Shrek shows, Shout-Out deadline March 13 no later, Extra Shrek Shirts can be purchased as long as production fee has been paid

Vice President Cindy Diana- The following Booster positions will be opening with incumbents' children graduating seniors: Pres, VP, Secretary, Fundraising, Props, Publicity. If anyone wants to help in a new role and be more involved please let us know so we can help with a smooth transition and keep the Boosters strong for the coming year. We are looking at having a social again like last year for a Boosters meeting and have new parents come together. May 16 Date Banquet is set at Cypress Run, not sure price per person may need to raise it to from $25 to $30 per person if we overspend funds compared to what we fundraise for Shrek. Will address price at April mtg once we see where our budget/account is at.

Treasurer George Curbelo- Spending more than bringing in. In Jan brought in about $3k spend about $5k and Feb brought in about $4k spent about $5k.

Secretary Katy Cunningham- Continuing to send out update emails and will be creating the Shrek sign-up genius will get input from Leona and Nancy.

Concessions Leona Wells/Nancy Lofredo- Doing a cast dinner March 30 of Tech Week,

Fundraising Kris Robinson- Menchies March 9, April 19 Clothes Mentor Night,

Carwash Carwash is this Sunday March 8th 12:45-5p, volunteers still needed Katy will resend the sign-up

Sponsorships No Update

Costumes Olivia Lunsway/Stephanie Laris- Have had weekend workshops, lots of helpers, some people bringing things home

Props Jodi Kraynak- Jodi can get stuff on weekends as long as she is told ahead what is needed.

Tech/Set Amanda Long- Build days March 7, 21, 28 9a-3p

Publicity Jen Lotti- Sat March 7 is OTOW parade meeting at 9am will post details. Kids will wear Shrek shirts, hand out flyers and carry big banner in parade.

Silent Auction Karen Guider- Would like to do theme baskets by grade, where kids bring donations for thier grade’s basket (ie pet theme etc) Rachel Brown will help organize this with students. Karen needs more donations for the auction, sports tickets sell very well.

Student Officers- Haylie -carwash flyer on website

Ms. Florio-

  1. Would like adults( or kids? in afternoon) that could hand out SHREK flyers morning or afternoon to ELMS car-line.

  2. Will look into having access to school theater to do possible build during spring break week.

  3. Shrek in school help 3/31 - Leona and Kris will help that day.

  4. Donations of “normal” school stuff, aka. Tissues, poster board, dry erase markers, etc. Katy can add this to the next update email.

Old Business Open Board Positions 20-21 discussed by Cindy earlier, Senior Scholarships will hold off till April meeting to see if we have $ in budget, Amanda Long will check with Cypress Woods to see if they will let us hang Shrek Banner on their fence by carline, discussion of having cigar boxes with snacks//concessions walking through theater at shows

New Business

Other Business

Adjournment to the April 6, 2020 Booster Meeting 7:00 pm Guitar Room

2019-2020 Future Events

3/7 On Top Of The World Parade 9am Shrek Cast

3/7 Theater: Set Build Day, Costumes Day

3/8 Car Wash Date

3/16-20 Spring Break (NYC Trip planned by Ms. Florio)

3/21 Set Build Day (if allowed access to the theater)

3/28 Shrek Tech Day - ALL HANDS ON DECK Last Call Day!

3/24-4/1 Provide waters and snacks for “Shrek” Tech Week

4/2, 3 & 4 Shrek The Musical Performances!!!

4/6 Booster Meeting 7pm

4/23 Senior Showcase

5/4 Booster Meeting 7pm

5/16 End-Of-Year Banquet Cypress Run Country Club