December 2, 2019 Booster Mtg Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

December 2, 2019, 6:30 in the ELHS Theatre

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting - Olivia Lunsway, George Curbelo, Katy Cunningham, Stephanie Laris, Nancy Lofredo, Kris Robinsoon, Mark and Karen Ondash, Amanda Long, Sarah Piguet, Staci Moles, Mark and Kat Bonfiglio, Gary and Kristen Brown, Cynthia Factor, Erin Boyd, Jodi Kraynak, Barbre Snyder, Christine Scheifele, Annmarie Stewart, Diana, Kim Florio


President Olivia Lunsway-Still have 4 kids needing rides to one acts coordinate with Katy. Districts in emailed out by Secretary to master list. Saturday meeting at 6:45 am in Target Boot Ranch Parking lot to drive down to Gibbs HS.

Vice President Cindy Diana - Sick, covered by Olivia.

Treasurer George Curbelo- collected receipts.

Secretary Katy Cunningham- Keep an eye out for update emails.

Concessions Leona Wells/Nancy Lofredo - Food options at Districts: Kids should bring money for lunch and snacks all 3 days Dec 5, 6 & 7. Dinner on Sat Dec 7 at Gibbs HS will be provided by Boosters, Jen Lotti organizing it. It is a very long day so kids need to make sure they have enough money and or pack their own snacks if they prefer that. Boosters will provide water in the jugs.

Fundraising Kris Robinson - Yankee Candle Update online sales still going till Jan 8 and all orders ready for pick up. Jimmy Johns fundraiser in the works.

Sponsorships - Keep searching for sponsors.

Costumes Olivia Lunsway/Stephanie Laris- Now working on Madagascar costumes, will be renting a lot for Shrek.

Props - no update at this time.

Tech/Set - Amanda Long no update

Publicity Jen Lotti- Madagascar Shout Outs Due DEC 20

Silent Auction - Need action here, Katy will email out info again.

Ms. Florio: Dec 17 late rehearsal for Madagascar, Production fees due this week. Prism Concert Friday Dec 13 includes chorus/band/theatre/orchestra.

Student Officers: None

Old Business -None

New Business: None

Other Business - None

Adjournment to the January 7, 2020 Booster Meeting 7 pm Guitar Room

2019-2020 Future Events

12/5-7 District IV Thespian Festival - One Act Comp at SPC 5th/6th, IE’s at Gibbs HS 7th

12/13 Prism Concert - Theatre

12/17 Madagascar Rehearsal till 4pm for Musical Theatre 1 Class

12/23 - 1/6 Winter Break

1/7 Booster Meeting TUES 7pm Guitar Room

1/13-1/20 Provide water/snacks/fruit for Madagascar Tech Week

1/21 Madagascar In-School Performance

1/22 SETC Deadline

1/23-24 Madagascar Performances

⅔ Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

2/? Valentine Fundraiser Date TBD

2/15 Spring Coffee House Improv Night 7pm

2/26 – 2/29 SETC Southeast Theater Conference -Louisville, Kentucky

3/2 Booster Meeting 7pm

3/7 On Top Of The World Parade

3/??? Car Wash Date TBD

3/16-20 Spring Break (NYC Trip planned by Ms. Florio)

3/24-4/1 Provide waters and snacks for “Shrek” Tech Week

4/2, 3 & 4 Shrek The Musical Performances

4/6 Booster Meeting 7pm

4/23 Senior Showcase

5/4 Booster Meeting 7pm

5/16 End-Of-Year Banquet

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