October 7, 2019 Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

October 7, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call, Sign In & Minutes from Preceding Meeting: Olivia Lunsway, Cindy Diana, George Curbelo, Katy Cunningham, Nancy Lofredo, Kris Robinson, Stephanie Zayas, Stephanie Laris, Jodi Kraynak, Amanda Long, Jen Lotti, Karen Guider, Kim Florio, Jennifer Ochoa-Rowland, Erin Boyd, Taylor Willis, Mark Ondash, Christine Scheifele, Hannah Sheifele, Monique Magadan, Jacqui DiMarco, Cynthia Factor, Craig Guider, Sarah Piguet, Rachel Brown

Committee Reports:

President: (Olivia Lunsway) Gave General updates on many topics throughout meeting.

Vice President: (Cindy Diana) New T-shirt options for parents will be on sale at One Acts and then thereafter. Sponsorships are a continued combined effort, please keep trying and reaching out.

Treasurer: (George Curbelo) Xero application working well. Details for September - Income: $6073.31 Debits: $1372.92

Secretary: (Katy Cunningham) Sponsor Thank Yous sent and recorded in Boosters Google Drive, Sign-Ups Geniuses for Once Acts snacks/volunteers and Volunteers on Tech Day Oct 19th and See How They Run (SHTR) snacks/volunteers, Concessions: (Leona Wells/Nancy Lofredo)

Fundraising: (Kris Robinson) Yankee Candle Deadline for catalog orders this Friday. Online orders through January 2020. Good progress and hope to get a bunch more by this Fri deadline.

Carwash: (Christine Curbelo) 9/14 Car Wash Update Earned approximately $1,400.

Sponsorships: (Stephanie Zayas)

Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway/Stephanie Laris) SHTR limited costumes, they are pretty much handled. Madagascar costumes will be worked on at Set/Costume Day Oct 19. Need lots of helpers. Do not need to have sewing skills to help with costumes. Ability to work a glue gun may be all that is needed!

Props: (Jodi Kraynak) Jodi has not received any info on prop needs for SHTR. Taylor Willis said that the challenge for SHTR is finding antiquish furnishings/lamps/etc. Taylor and a few other students are working on it. Cindy suggested searching Facebook marketplace under FREE items. A volunteer with a truck may be needed on short notice if they find something. Taylor said they'll post what items they're looking for.

Tech/Set: (Amanda Long) Oct 19 tech day will need to get wallpaper hanging done. Has a few discounted offers to do it, is hoping to find volunteers to do it for free.

Publicity: (Jen Lotti) Purchased a photo backdrop, Shout-Outs for SHTR deadline Oct. 18th, will get with George Curbelo regarding electronic street sign and will call the school office and/or Assistant Principal Sean Anderson regarding marquees. Vicci Cusimano and Kim McLeod handled these calls last year.

Silent Auction: (Karen Guider) Ready to email letter asking for donations our to all parents. Karen will email Katy what she’d like the email to say and Katy will send it out to the big list. there will be one at Madagascar and two at Shrek (Thurs and Fri shows).

Ms. Florio: NYC Trip Assistance: 42 students and 5 adults signed up. Board voted to give $2,000 to the NY trip and Ms. Florio will match it from the Drama Department funds.

Student Officers: Taylor, Hannah and Rachel attended the meeting.

Old Business:

  • Reminder of Coffee House One Acts coming up Thurs Oct 17 (tix, snacks/volunteers, boot camp)

  • SHTR Programs/Shout-OutsDeadline Oct. 18 - None received so far.

New Business - Pres & VP:

  • None

Other Business:

  • Production Fees - Still outstanding, discussed what is covered as listed on the website payment link.

Adjourned to the November 4, 2019 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

2019-2020 Future Events

10/14 SHTR Boot Camp 9a - 3p (Mon. Columbus Day)

10/15-16 Provide snacks and water for One Acts Tech Week

10/17 One Acts Coffeehouse 7pm Theatre

10/19 Set Building Day 9a - 3p in Theatre

10/24 Cabaret Show 7pm Theatre

11/4 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

10/28-11/6 Provide waters and snacks for “See How They Run” Tech Week

11/7, 8 & 9 “See How They Run” Performances 7pm

11/10 Sun 4pm Strike Set in Theatre

11/13-16 FTC in Gainesville at Sante Fe College

12/2 District Showcase & Booster Meeting in Theatre

12/5-7 District IV Thespian Festival - One Act Comp at SPC 5th/6th, at Gibbs HS 7th

12/23 - 1/6 Winter Break

1/7 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

1/13-1/20 Provide dinner/water/snacks/fruit for Madagascar Tech Week

1/21 Madagascar In-School Performance

1/22 SETC Deadline

1/23-24 Madagascar Performances

2/3 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

2/? Valentine Fundraiser Date TBD

2/15 Spring One Acts Coffee House 7pm Improv Night

2/26 – 2/29 SETC Southeast Theater Conference -Louisville, Kentucky

3/2 Booster Meeting 7pm

3/TBA Car Wash Date TBD

3/16-20 Spring Break (NYC Trip planned by Ms. Florio)

3/24-4/1 Provide waters and snacks for “Shrek” Tech Week

4/2, 3 & 4 Shrek The Musical Performances

4/6 Booster Meeting 7pm

4/23 Senior Showcase

4/25 End-Of-Year Banquet

5/4 Possible Booster Meeting 7pm