Sept 9, 2019 Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

September 9, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call/Sign-In Members Present: Olivia Lunsway, Cindy Diana, George Curbelo, Katy Cunningham, Leona Wells, Nancy Lofredo, Kris Robinson, Chris Curbelo, Jodi Kraynak, Amanda Long, Jen Lotti, Karen Guider, Kim Florio, Brad Brady, Barbre Snyder, Jacqui DiMarco, Isabelle Lunsway, Staci Moles, Sarah Piguet, Mark and Kat Bonfiglio, Dana Callahan, Erin Boyd, Rich and Kim Roneree, Laurie Siech, Cynthia Factor, Karen Ondash, Cristine Scheifele, Lynn Parrish, Jennifer and Tyler Rowland

President Olivia Lunsway gave general update.

Committee Introductions and Reports

Vice President: (Cindy Diana) Banquet will be on Sat. Apr 25, location being determined. Sponsorship options have been updated and are listed on the website here: under the SPONSOR tab upper right. Parents please ask any businesses and restaurants you frequent if they would help the program by giving a sponsorship. Rewards can be advertising, etc as detailed, lots of different levels and options from low to high. Can be paid for on the website and are tax deductible. Also email out the website link to anyone who may be a potential sponsor so they can look it over! T-shirts for parents coming, spiffing up the lobby.

Treasurer: (George Curbelo) Accounting Software - Xero, once Board officers get an invite email, they must create a login. This software will streamline budgeting/tracking/reimbursements and greatly improve how we operate, track etc. Review of 2019-2020 Budget, it is on the Boosters shared drive and copies at meeting.Some categories had to be cut back (meals for hell week) and more fundraising will need to be done so we can avoid spending more than we have. We will vote on budget expenditure decisions at Booster Meetings. Discussed submitting receipts through the Xero App. Any student wishing to make a purchase for reimbursement must first get permission from their corresponding Parent Booster (ex: Student Publicity officer must get approval from Boosters Publicity Chair Jen Lotti, etc.). Make sure to use tax exempt certificate for purchases - Boosters will not reimburse for tax paid.

Secretary: (Katy Cunningham) Communicating important info through emails (collected 200+parent emails so far, facebook and Boosters Website. Email or ask her any questions you may have! Agendas and Minutes posted on Website and will be emailed out to all. Will seek volunteers through sign-up geniuses frequently sent out via email.

Concessions: (Leona Wells/Nancy Lofredo) Concessions main job is to provide concessions for shows. Will not be providing meals for hell weeks, rather snacks and waters. The budget does not permit providing meals for 40-80 kids during Hell Weeks. Donations from families and restaurants for these busy weeks are very welcomed and encouraged! Student house crews on shows should be helping with concessions at shows. Booster-purchased snacks must stay locked in Concessions closet and are not to be accessed freely by students. Concessions co-chairs are responsible for their stuff.

Fundraising: (Kris Robinson) MENCHIES, CLOTHES MENTOR, discussed options for Fall Fundraiser World’s Finest Chocolate best margins, problem with selling in school?

Carwash: (Christine Curbelo) Sept 14 Car Wash - Saturday, still need some volunteers/donations, will be taking credit cards and Apple Pay. Please Share the facebook event with everyone!

Sponsorships: (Stephanie Zayas) (covered by Cindy)

Costumes: (Stephanie Laris) Stephanie could not make meeting, student reps said not too much help needed yet. See How They Run (SHTR)a pretty small cast and a lot of what’s needed is in the costume shop.

Props: (Jodi Kraynak) No requests yet. Taylor Willis is the Props person on student end.

Tech/Set: (Amanda Long) Amanda needs another student contact other than Andrew. There will be set building days on Oct 18th after school and Sat Oct 19th 9a - 3p in theater. Need parents and students! Will send our a Sign-Up genius for this and email reminder.

Publicity: (Jen Lotti) Showed New Banners

Silent Auction: (Karen Guider/Nicole McCormick) Karen spoke, Nicole not at meeting. Going to do a small test run on Madagascar and then 3 evening shows of Shrek. Crafty items, donations from restaurants and all donations.

Ms. Florio - Looking at Wallpaper for SHTR Boosters to purchase it, parents needed to hang it. NYC Parent meeting on Mon Sept 16th. She really needs adult support for the students...encouragement and help with time management and juggling everything. FTC paperwork was all turned in. Parent volunteers are encouraged and welcome anytime, all day long in school. Must be level 1 and sign in the front office. Assistance always helpful and needed!

Old Business:

  • Drama Department Website Maintenance - Lily Crocomo is maintaining the site now. Need to change log-in info from Kaitlin Fig’s credentials.

  • Banners & Shadow Boxes think about what we want for the lobby and how it should look. What to do going forward.

New Business - Pres & VP:

  • Coffee House One Acts coming up Thurs Oct 17

  • Programs/Shout-Outs Priced decided: ½ page ad with 1 photo $50 each and ¼ page ad with words only $25 each.

  • Shadows for Officers for 2020-2021 year, current people please keep ongoing record of responsibilities to pass for next year

  • Facebook Page - Just Troupe one now

  • New Spending rules

  • Etiquette and Polite Communication - please remember to be kind and considerate in all communications with each other, we are all volunteering and must work together and help each other.

  • Production fee for See How They Run (SHTR) will be $40 per participant.

Other Business:

  • ELHS Hall of Fame

  • Fundraisers discussed, main one that kicked off the year. Parent questions and clarifications.

Adjournment to the October 7, 2019 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

2019-2020 Future Events

9/14 Car Wash - Fifth Third Bank Boot Ranch 1-5pm

10/7 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

10/15-16 Provide snacks and water for One Acts Tech Week

10/17 One Acts Coffeehouse

10/19 Set Building Day 9a - 3p in Theatre

11/4 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

10/28-11/6 Provide waters and snacks for “See How They Run” Tech Week

11/7-9 “See How They Run” Performances

11/13-16 FTC in Gainesville at Sante Fe College

12/2 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

12/5-7 District IV Thespian Festival - One Act Comp at SPC 5th/6th, then @ Gibbs 7th

12/23 - 1/6 Winter Break

1/7 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

1/13-1/20 Provide dinner/water/snacks/fruit for Madagascar Tech Week

1/21 Madagascar In-School Performance

1/22 SETC Deadline

1/23-24 Madagascar Performances

2/3 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

2/? Valentine Fundraiser Date TBD

2/15 Spring One Acts Coffee House 7pm Improv Night

2/26 – 2/29 SETC Southeast Theater Conference -Louisville, Kentucky

3/2 Booster Meeting 7pm

3/TBA Car Wash Date TBD

3/16-20 Spring Break (NYC Trip planned by Ms. Florio)

3/24-4/1 Provide waters and snacks for “Shrek” Tech Week

4/2-4 Shrek The Musical Performances

4/6 Booster Meeting 7pm

4/23 Senior Showcase

4/25 End-Of-Year Banquet

5/4 Possible Booster Meeting 7pm