April 8, 2019 Meeting Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

April 8, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Salt Rock Grill

Roll Call & Sign-In - Jennifer Lotti, Tamarha Evert, Kim Florio, Vicci Cusimano, George and Christine Curbelo, Barbre Snyder, Stephanie Laris, Elaine LaPierre , Kim and Rod McLeod, Olivia Lunsway, Katy Cunningham, Kim Shipley, Rich and Kim Roneree, Erin Boyd, Glenn and Sophia Stewart, Cindy Diana, Michael Lawlor, Kris Robinson, Jodi Kraynak, Karen and Craig Guider, Nancy Lofredo


  • Silent Auction – Have not gotten final total yet, was a great success and many thanks to Tessa for taking it on.

  • Banquet - Elaine:Price goes up to $30 April 10 on, Students decorating, comp professionals Carolyn Houseman, Kirsten choreographer, Brad Brady, Jordan Bertke. Fritz family providing the cake.

  • Microphones Update – Ms. Florio they were purchased and worked well for shows, s little trouble at Sat pm show. Big improvement.

  • Shout-Outs for Dolly Program - Katy said that $525 was earned from Shout out sales.

  • Drama Website - George said it has been set up and paid for by Boosters, Board members discussed the requirement of making the website maintenance an official position among the drama officers or part of one of the existing roles so there is one student accountable. That is for Ms. Florio to decide.

  • Seuss books books purchased for Ms. Florio.


- Treasurer: (George Curbelo) There are many outstanding checks at this point with the show just wrapping up so balance will change a lot over the next few weeks from where it is today. Beginning Balance 2/28/2019 $34,471.09, Deposits: $3,080.06, Total Expenses: $6,456.19, Ending Balance 3/31/2019: $32,151.16. Tips/concessions/silent auction all together was about $3798 raised.

- Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway) It got done with lots of help from parents and fabulous teamwork among the students on the costume team! Mom Stephanie Laris was a huge help!

- Props: (Jen Lotti) Taylor Willis and she got it done for Dolly.

- Fundraising: (Elaine LaPierre) No new fundraising efforts, think of ideas for next school year.

- Concessions: (Leona Wells): No report.

- Tech/Set Director: No report.

- Publicity: (Kim McLeod) Publicity went great for Dolly, much of the legwork was done by the kids. Publix day was a great success.

- Ms. Florio: She needs adult help organizing the theatre. Maybe get a day where folks can come in for a couple hours to go through things. Costumes, props, organize things. Being the 1st year she has been figuring things out and needs some help to get it organized and functional for next year.


  • Boosters Officer/Committee/Board Openings for 2019-2020 school year. Final vote will be at the banquet on Apr 26th. Many parents have offered to get involved and we still need more. Roles with candidates or incumbents staying on are Fundraising, President, Vice-President (tentatively), Treasurer, Publicity, Car Wash, Concessions. Still needed: Sponsorships/Programs, Props Chair, Set, Silent Auction. A HUGE Thank you to those who have committed to handle roles next year: Olivia Lunsway, George Curbelo, Katy Cunningham, Leona Wells, Nancy Lofredo, Kris Robinson, Stephanie Laris, Christine Curbelo. Please let Elaine or Kim Shipley know asap if you are considering something, we can utilize as many parents as possible. Many roles can be shared and things still open can also be split as a partnership.

  • Incumbent Board Members will be writing up detailed steps of fundraisers and/or events they have handled/coordinated for next year to make it easier for next people.


  • Banquet - Elaine:Price goes up to $30 April 10 on, Students decorating, comp professionals Carolyn Houseman, Kirsten choreographer, Brad Brady, Jordan Bertke. Fritz family providing the cake.

  • Dolly Ticket Sales were just shy of $18,000, great turnout for all 4 shows, right around 500 for each show give or take. The Matinee was a great success with all the publicity to retirement communities and the OTOTW parade.

  • Senior Showcase set for Thursday Apr 18 7pm in theater. No tickets, just donations suggested. Will sell Concessions if there is anything left to sell.


  • Executive Board discussed the by-laws and drafted updates which will be placed out for approval at the banquet.

Adjournment to the April 26, 2019 Drama Banquet at East Lake Woodlands Country Club


4/26 ~ End of Year Banquet East Lake Woodlands Country Club 6:30 pm