January 14, 2019 Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters Boosters Meeting Draft Minutes January 14, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call & Sign-In Elaine LaPierre, Kim Shipley, Olivia Lunsway, Katy Cunningham, Vicci Cusimano, George Curbelo, Amanda Long, Barbre Snyder, Neal LaPierre, Staci Moles, Leona Wells, Lisa Fritz, Jen Lotti, Tere Bertke, Tamahra Evert, Stephanie Laris, Erin Boyd, Gina Cassa

Old Business  Shed – Vicci was looking into, has not heard back from the Admin at school. No new info yet.  Elf Jr Sign-Up Genius pretty much filled  Elf JR Missing Production Fees – At this point many more have come in and we will not worry about any missing. Everyone will get their shirts and be fed.  Dinners for Elf Jr Hell Week and Dolly – had some good donations, will need to use some of production fees to feed the kids.  More Sponsors needed - Staci Moles secured Freedom Boat Club $650 sponsorship  Silent Auction – Discussion – This was Tammy’s biggest thing, but she has resigned, and nothing has been done at all on it. No one at the meeting has the time to take this on for this year. Gina will post sign-up sheets at Elf Jr shows seeking interested parents/volunteers for various opportunities and maybe a few will help with the Auction but at this point it would be a huge undertaking and there is very little time to make it happen.  Microphones – Brad was going to look into this, no update this month as he is not here.  Car Wash, Vicci, 3/2/19 still on. Will do pre-sales but will not offer a rain date.

Committee Reports Treasurer: (Kim Shipley) See attached – Bank ending balance as of 12/31/2018: $40,162 Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway) - Elf is slowly but surely getting done. Will be complete by show time, still waiting on a few things to arrive in the mail. Props: (Jen Lotti) Jen will need to find out from Ms. Flo who is props manager for Dolly. Fundraising: (Elaine LaPierre) *Valentines - Vicci working with Taylor Willis, Tamarha Evert may help with chocolates, *Flowers at shows – Olivia would like to do at both shows if time since it was an easy fundraiser last year, Tamarha offered to help. *Elaine reported that we are good with funds at this point not planning anything new. Concessions: (Gina Cassa & Leona Wells) They are killing it – Thank you both! Tech/Set Director: (Brad Brady) Not present but will need help with upcoming Dolly set building. Publicity: (Kim McLeod) Not present – no report Ms. Florio: Not present, wrote some notes for us on the board.

Other Announcements  Boosters Officers and Board Members Needed for 2019-2021 school year. Open Positions will be President/Co-President, Vice President, Fundraising, Publicity, Possibly Secretary. Please think decide if you are interested in stepping up to a position or changing to a new position.

 Tammy Milcowitz resigned from the boosters and her office of Co-President since her son Trey has dropped the class. Elaine proposed that Kim Shipley move from Treasurer to Co-President and George Curbelo move into the Treasurer Position effective 1/14/2019. Vote called, all were in favor, vote passed.  Dolly Volunteer Sign Up Genius will be sent out after Elf Jr. New Business  3/9 OTOW (On Top of The World) 9:30 am Parade for Dolly cast – Jen Lotti and Lisa Fritz will be the parent volunteers to coordinate with the kids attending since Ms. Flo will be in NYC.  2/15 Too Much Light/Improv Evening – Cristian needs to give an update to Boosters if he needs anything from us.  Leona Wells asked if we could tape a note or sticker to Elf Jr programs asking parents to get involved with the Boosters as a way to get ore helpers. Ms. Florio will need to decide this. If would need to copy a small note and affix to programs ahead of shows.  In-school show help for Elf Jr - not told yet what if anything from Boosters may be needed, Elaine says in the past several parent volunteers WERE enough and they already have a few that will be there. In the past older students have handled most everything as a learning tool for them, crowd control, welcoming, etc but that decision is up to Ms. Florio.  Sea Blues Festival 2/23-24 Gina Cassa and Amanda Long will coordinate this. Katy can create and send out Sign-up if needed.

Other Business - None

Adjournment to the February 4, 2019 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

**Future Events**

1/15-1/21 Provide dinner/water/snacks/fruit for Elf Jr Hell Week 1/22, 1/24-25 Elf Jr Performances 2/4 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room 2/6 Valentine Fundraiser 2/15 Spring Coffee House 7pm (Too Much Light/Improv Evening) 2/23 & 24 Sea Blues Festival 3/2 Carwash 3/4 Booster Meeting 7pm 3/9 OTOW Parade 9:30am 3/21 Good Day Tampa Bay Charley Belcher Promo 3/18 – 3/27 Provide dinner/water/snacks/fruit for Hello Dolly Hell Week 3/28 – 30 Hello Dolly Performances 4/1 Booster Meeting 7pm 4/26 End of Year Banquet East Lake Woodlands County Club 5/6 Booster Meeting 7pm