February 4, 2019 Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

February 4, 2019, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call & Sign-In - Katy Cunningham, Kim Shipley, Olivia Lunsway, Jennifer Lotti, Kim Florio, Vicci Cusimano, Barbre Snyder, Leona Wells, Tamarha Evert, Katie Hoard, Lisa Fritz, Gary Fritz, Kaitlyn Figueroa

Old Business:

  • Storage Shed - Vicci - School will not allow it, Ms. Florio will consider other options

  • Sponsors needed - Can pay on website or with PDF form emailed out

  • Silent Auction –No Coordinator, will not do this year. May do some sort of Senior Cabaret showcase, Ms. Florio is discussing with Seniors. Could be a fund source for scholarship.

  • Microphones Update – Trying to get company we bought from out to ELHS to do a review of our mics to see what might be done to improve them.

  • Valentine Fundraiser- Taylor Willis handling

  • Car Wash 3/2/19 – Vicci, Katy will send out Sign-Up Genius. Leona Wells will provide a hose.

  • The Board voted by email to approve charging a suggested donation of $5 entrance fee, no coffeehouse desserts for the Feb 15 Too Much Light/Improve show. Sell regular concessions and 50% of the entry fees goes to Broadway Cares.

  • Shop vac hose for Mrs Florio. Katie Hoard will go to Lowes to try and get replacement. Thanks Katie!

  • 3/9 OTOW (On Top of The World) 9:30 am Parade for Dolly cast - Lisa Fritz and Jennifer Lotti coordinating since Ms. Flo will be in NYC.

Committee Reports for Hello Dolly:

Treasurer: (George Curbelo) Final Balance: $32,190.09, Credits: $11,636.25, Debits: $3,663.43

Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway)

Props: (Jen Lotti) Taylor Willis doing props for Dolly. Ms. Florio would like 9 waiter carts that can hold the weight of a student sitting on it and more white doily parasols

Fundraising: (Elaine LaPierre) Earned about $100 at Barnes and Noble event. Did not sell $1500 in sales so didn’t get % of sales. Keep in mind for next year.

Concessions: (Gina Cassa/Leona Wells)

Tech/Set Director: (Brad Brady) Junior Andrew Long helping to design the set with Mr. Brady. Set Building days will be: Feb. 13: Wednesday 5pm – 8pm, Feb. 16: Saturday 9-3pm, Feb. 20: Wednesday 5pm – 8pm, Feb. 24: Sunday 1-5pm, Feb. 27 Wednesday 5pm – 8pm

Publicity: (Kim McLeod) Will take care of electronic signs for Dolly. Vicci may help communicate for the marquee.

Ms. Florio: Dolly Hell Week - Will let Katy know on ending times for sign-up genius - meal requests.

Other Announcements:

  • Boosters Officers and Board Members Needed for 2019-2021 school year

  • 2/15 Too Much Light/Improv Evening - Volunteers needed? Do we need a sign-up?

  • Sea Blues 2/23-2/24 Sign Up Genius sent by Amanda Long NEED VOLUNTEERS!

  • DOLLY Sign Up Ge

  • Production Fees still outstanding, Program Shout-Outs - Katy will collect, Kaitlyn F. is doing the program and will send any shout outs to her.

  • 8/18-12/18 Sponsor letters were sent in October for tax purposes record in One Drive.

New Business:

  • Elaine - Banquet - Cake Lisa Fritz said she will buy the cake. $25 per person all cost including tip. Each student can bring up to 2 family members.

  • Ms. Florio - Drama Website (not boosters) repay Kaitlyn Figueroa and pay going forward. Kaitlyn Fig and Ms. Florio will look at new options. Agreed to pay for Drama Dept website going forward and reimburse Kaitlyn.

  • Booster club hosted evening of appetizers and drinks,to have a chance to encourage any new potential booster members. icked Date of Wed March 20, location TBD.

  • First Aid Kit - Agreed to get one - Leona.

  • Dustbuster - Hold Off for now

Other Business:

Adjournment to the March 4, 2019 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

**Future Events**

2/15 7pm - Too Much Light/Improv Evening

2/23 & 24 Sea Blues Festival

3/2 Carwash

3/4 Booster Meeting 7pm

3/9 OTOW Parade 9:30am (On Top of the World Hello Dolly Cast)

3/18 – 3/27 Provide dinner/water/snacks/fruit for Hello Dolly Hell Week

3/28 – 30 Hello Dolly Performances

4/1 Booster Meeting 7pm

4/26 End of Year Banquet East Lake Woodlands Country Club

5/6 Booster Meeting 7pm