December 10, 2018 Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters Boosters Meeting Agenda

December 10, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call & Sign In Elaine LaPierre, Kim Shipley, Olivia Lunsway, Katy Cunningham, Brad Brady, Vicci Cusimano, George Curbelo, Tammy Milcowitz, Len Milcowitz, Amanda Long, Barbre Snyder

Old Business  $ Donation towards Cost of Spring Break NYC Trip ($5000 donation last school year matched by Drama Department). Vote approved  Barnes and Noble gift wrap Dec 15 – Afternoon Volunteers Needed, Donations Needed (bows, ribbons etc) Sign-Up Genius and Sign Up sheets… all good with volunteers  Technicolor Dreamcoat – Status update mannequin and a case for it that can be installed school year Katy Cunningham will create shadowbox for front of theater  Service Project-Elaine

Committee Reports Treasurer: (Kim Shipley) Cookie Dough, Concessions, Sold turf, snapraise. Beginning Balance as of 11/1/2018: $22,289.71, Total deposits/credits: $22,257.56, Total checks/expenses : $4,851.66, Bank Ending Balance as of 11/30/2018: $40,716.56, True Balance: $39,695.61 Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway) Elf is 60% done, will do Dolly once will get going on those sizes Props: (Jen Lotti & Tammy Milcowitz) Waiting to hear from Ashley Browning for Elf needs Fundraising: (Elaine LaPierre) Barnes & Gift Wrapping, valentines and car wash NY Trip fundraising

Concessions: (Gina Cassa) New Coffee Pots/Dolly for waters-maybe borrow from plant ops Tech/Set Director: (Brad Brady) Elf tech days, 7pm meeting 12/11 at subway Publicity: (Kim McLeod) Sign for AMS, and school billboard Ms. Florio: Shed (Vicci Cusimano)

Other Announcements

New Business Tammy & Elaine:  AMS Set STRIKE DAY December 9

 ELF Jr volunteer needs-hell week, show nights, etc. Sign-Up Genius emailed after AMS  Sponsors needed food/dinners for Hell Week  Silent Auction for Dolly focus on after break  Microphones – January Brad will look into this

Other Business Adjournment to the January 14, 2019 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room

Future Events

12/15 Barnes and Noble Gift Wrapping Fundraiser ALL DAY TBA District Showcase 1/14 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room 1/15-1/21 Provide waters and snacks for “Elf Jr” Final Rehearsal Week 1/22, 24-25 Elf Jr Performances 2/4 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room 2/6 Valentine Fundraiser 2/15 Spring Coffee House 7pm 2/23 & 24 Sea Blues Festival 2/27 – 3/2 SETC Southeast Theater Conference 3/2 Car Wash 3/4 Booster Meeting 7pm 3/20 - 23 State Festival, Tampa FL 3/18-3/27 Provide waters and snacks for “Hello Dolly” Hell Week 3/28 - 30 Hello Dolly Performances 7pm 4/1 Booster Meeting 7pm 4/26 End of Year Banquet East Lake Woodlands CC 5/6 Booster Meeting 7pm