Oct 1, 2018 Boosters Minutes

East Lake High School Drama Boosters

Boosters Meeting Minutes

October 1, 2018, 7:00 p.m. Guitar Room

Roll Call & Sign In

Attendees: Elaine LaPierre, Tammy Milcowitz, Gina Cassa, Jennifer Lotti, Neal LaPierre, Kim Shipley, Lisa Fritz, Jodi Kraynak, Jenny Ferland, Katy Cunningham, Barbre Snyder, Gina Cassa, Jennifer Lotti, Neal LaPierre, Christine Curbelo, George Curbelo, Annmarie Stewart, Tessa McGrew, Mark Ondash, Jim Steinkoetter, Tamara Evert, Amanda Long, Jodi Kraynak, Jenny Ferland, Katy Cunningham, Kim Florio

Old Business

Discussed New Website and Boosters Facebook Page

Committee Reports

Treasurer: (Kim Shipley) $5116 total deposits/credits, see attached Sept 2018 Financial Report

Please use tax exempt certificate when making purchases for the department.

Costumes: (Olivia Lunsway) Olivia Lunsway was not present.

Her email to Katy Cunningham was read aloud stating she is working on collecting pieces for AMS right now. Elf Jr costume planning is underway and her goal is to complete them by Dec 1.

Props: (Jennifer Lotti & Tammy Milcowitz)

Looking good for All My Sons looking for garden table and chairs (need to look if we have any).

2 Rocking chairs

2 chairs outdoor style

Fundraising: (Elaine LaPierre)

CARWASH Raised $2,303.84 - Continue to presale 5 tickets per student in future car washes.

Will need a new parent to share in running spring carwash and then handling next fall once Vicci C. will be gone.

Plato’s Closet need level 2 parents to chaperone Sat. 10/6 12-2pm. Need Water bottles at noon-sign up on form at front of room.

Tere Bertke Varsity Club – Tere very generously gave all the tips to the Department - about $470

Barnes & Nobles Gift Wrapping 12/15 2 hour increments all day, sign up in front of room, sign up genius will go out as we get closer.

snapraise 83% participation $16,134.03 profit

Hispanic Heritage @ Coachman Park 10/13&14 2 shifts Still need parents in afternoon shifts. Sign up and signup genius will be resent.

Concessions: (Gina Cassa)

11/1 Coffee House Need 2 parents to set up oversee kids that night.

Will need to order new stock for concessions. Gina can order from Costco online now as an option.

Popcorn machine arrived.

Tech/Set: (Brad Brady)

Ms. Florio said all workings for the 2 story house made, lots of painting done, one acts got all for their stuff done.

Brad Brady will be overseeing the Tech/Set area.

Lisa Fritz got a couple of fans donated for tech days

Publicity: (Kim McLeod) Kim was not present.

Nothing to report at this time.

Other Announcements


New Business

Tammy & Elaine:

  • Discussion/Vote Production Fee Costs

The production fee covers associated costs as well as 2 different shirt options long sleeve (l/s) and short sleeve (s/s)…question – do we want to do 2 different fees for s/s or l/s shirts? We need to vote on this tonight.

Proposed to have one fee $40 production fee for all students. Vote = All in favor, none opposed. $40 production fee for All My Sons approved.

There will be an option for everyone to order extra shirts – the price difference will be given there on website and order form.

  • Social Media - Jennifer Lotti offered to help, this is on hold for now.

  • Tech Days – Pizza/Water for Volunteers & Fans

Fans have been donated.

Voted on the approval to purchase a shop vac unless we get one donated. Passed, all in favor.

Voted to supply Pizza and waters for volunteers. Passed all in favor.

Nov 3 and Nov 10 send out sign up genius for these.

  • Boosters Donations to Reduce Student Cost for FTC Not Discussed

  • Booster Shirt Design Options passed options around for input on what is the favorite.

Parents will pay for the shirts

  • Marco’s Pizza ALL YEAR one meal for each student one night per Hell Week Food Sponsor

  • Update on Sponsorships

Sponsorships are for businesses to show support donating $ or meals

Top 2 sponsors filled.

Various new levels are listed on the form on the website.

Please use forms on website

We will Implement shout-outs in playbills to generate more income from program.

  • Newsletter/Update to all Frequency

Input from the meeting was that 2 times a month is a good frequency going forward.

Other Business


Adjournment to the November 5, 2018 Booster Meeting 7pm Guitar Room